DIY No Sew Fabric Covered Notebook



Hello! Today I’m sharing a simple DIY for this no sew fabric covered notebook. There is an optional sewing section later if you do want to bust out your sewing machine!

For this DIY, I’ve partnered with Elephant In My Handbag, a fabulous and friendly online fabric store in the UK. Stay tuned until the end for a cheeky coupon code so you can get shopping if you like what you see. Just look at the unicorn and flamingo fabric people!!


Let’s get started. You will need:

    • Moleskin Notebook (I bought this 3 pack)
    • 1 x external Fabric piece, 24cm x 18cm (I used unicorns!)
    • 2 x internal fabric pieces, 14cm x 9cm each  (I used pink gingham)
    • Fabri Tac Glue
    • Scissors
    • Sewing machine & thread (optional)

NB: You can adjust the size of your fabric depending on your notebook, just leave a 2cm seam allowance all the way around the external fabric, and make the internal fabric the same size as the front and back covers.


Start buy gluing a hem of around 1/2 cm on all sides of the fabric pieces. With Fabri Tac, you don’t need much at all, so apply sparingly. It helps to also trim the corners of the fabric pieces as you go, to avoid bulk.


Once your hems are glued, place your notebook onto the wrong side of the external fabric, and draw around the cover with a pencil. Apply the glue in the cover area and place the notebook onto it, carefully smoothing the fabric.


One your cover is glued, Close your notebook a couple of times so the fabric can get used to a fold in the spine. Next, glue all the corners to the inside notebook cover.


Make a snip in the external fabric in line with the spine of the notebook at the top and bottom.


Work your way around the notebook, gluing all edges to the inside cover. Remember, a little goes a long way with this glue!


Then glue your internal contrasting fabric pieces on each inside cover.


If you have a sewing machine, you can add this next step using contrasting thread, I went for pink and got my machine Romy all ready to go.


Leaving a 1/2 cm space from the edge of the notebook, make a straight stitch around the covers. You will likely have to change your needle afterwards as you are sewing through card, a couple of fabric layers and glue, potentially blunting it!

To sew the corners, keep the needle down, lift the presser foot and turn the notebook. Put the presser foot down and continue sewing.


Cut the ends of the thread if you decided to add a top stitch detail and your notebook is done! Time to get planning your next projects with a cuppa I think.


These notebooks make great gifts and you can change the fabric to suit anyone! I was tempted to make mine with bicycle fabric but that would have been so predictable right?!


If you make this project, be sure to share it with me and don’t forget to check out Elephant In My Handbag for craft supplies! They have shared a coupon code below exclusively for Claireabellemakes readers. During chocolate week they sent all customers a free chocolate bar, so they definitely know how to look after us crafters!!





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  1. What a lovely fabric and a really sweet DIY too! Might have to go and buy some notebooks now to give this a try (any excuse to buy more stationary!) x

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