Craft Studio Tour 2014: Part 1

The studio is finally finished! After months of planning, I’m pleased to share a tour of the Claireabellemakes Craft Studio at long last.

Our spare room is no longer a guest room and gets far more use this way. As renters, we are not able to change the wall colour but I think I’ve made it work with the cream walls. Oh how I wish they were white though.

The room is no longer a storage ground for random things and has come a long way since its first makeover here. I hope you will get some storage ideas from this tour and I’ll list sources for furniture and decor items at the end of the post. Any questions, just ask in the comments!


The room has lots of lovely natural light and overlooks the gardens of our street. I wanted a big desk so I can really spread out when working on projects and also so I had space for my new Cricut Explore machine (on the right).

Shelving units were a priority, so all the crafty supplies and paperwork could be neatly stored. My sewing machine hides on the top left along with the pincushions. When I get a chance I want to make a new cover for it.


I bought the chair on a whim for a craft fair I did in the summer. Very cheap but does the job after a comfy cushion was added. I made the curtains myself using a tutorial from the The Great British Sewing Bee book.

I store my printer and bigger packaging supplies under the desk as well as cutting boards.


Pegboard is the most practical thing ever for a craft space! I decided to cross stitch my initial after seeing some great pegboard cross stitch on Pinterest.


All my cords for the Bicycle Bracelets are stored on the pegboard too and I have stationery supplies close to hand on the desk.


Behind the desk is what I like to call ‘crochet corner’. A space to relax and often our cat Tammy’s snuggle area. The wicker baskets hold magazines and books and the paper bag is full of wrapping paper! The granny square blanket was my first large crochet project and it is falling apart (I was still learning when I made it and didn’t fasten properly).


The wall art in the room are all prints I purchased on Etsy and one or two are free printables I found on Pinterest.


In the corner behind the door I have a small Billy bookcase from IKEA which holds craft and cook books and some art and button supplies on top. The lace is from Cyprus and the old tin is my great grandmother’s button collection which was passed down to me.


An update to the space has really helped my motivation and productivity. Getting rid of the clutter has been great, although I still find it hard to only buy craft supplies when I need them….


I’ll be sharing some close ups on the room in part 2 of the tour on Monday. I’d love to know what areas of the room are your favourite and if you have shared any craft space tours!

Now, for that long list of sources (I have linked where I could find items available to purchase online):

  • ShelvingExpedit from IKEA (now relaunched as Kallax)
  • Wooden Sewing Box – Amazon
  • Toadstool and rabbit lamps – Tiger
  • Lace baskets – Dunelm Mill
  • Floral suitcases – The Works
  • White drawers for stamp collection (drawers removed) – The Works
  • White storage boxes (various) – IKEA and Tiger
  • Floral ring binder files – Cath Kidston (linked to similar pair)icon
  • Floral magazine files – Tesco
  • Chair – Argos
  • Cushion and curtain fabric – Clarke and Clarke (purchased on eBay)
  • Armchair – IKEA
  • Wicker Baskets – thrifted and spray painted
  • Waste paper bin – upcycled
  • Bicycle Wall Art – Ste Ilustrates
  • Dreams Wall Art – Blue Eggs and Tea
  • Button jar – B&M


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41 thoughts on “Craft Studio Tour 2014: Part 1

  1. LOOOVE.

    My room currently has a A- for organisation since I bought a new desk and epic amounts of storage boxes, but sadly it currently has a C for prettiness. That’s my next job.

    Love the peg board idea, I might see if I can mount one on my wall. Thankfully our landlord is pretty good with us attaching stuff to the wall. I also love the tiny shelves you have your stamps in. They don’t make enough tiny storage in my opinion!

    x xx

  2. I looked at the Monday post before this one, so now I understand why it’s so lovely and tidy…or do you work like this all the time? I love all of your work space but I have to be honest…I’m not sure I could only buy what I need? Perhaps you’ll keep us updated with how that one goes!!

    1. I try my hardest to work like this, but occasionally it does get a bit messy. I think when somewhere looks pretty it’s good motivation to keep it looking so! Only buying what you need is SUPER difficult isn’t it?

  3. Love love love it Claire! So bright and colourful and organized! Can totally see you spending the morning in there crafting away while Tammy supervises.
    I’m 100% jealous! Enjoy your new space.


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