Instalife August 2014

I had two migraines in August. Two.

Taking a week off the day job no doubt helped, but I’m not 100% sure what has changed. Maybe it’s the time of year, maybe the meds worked, it’s hard to tell. I was having 2-3 attacks per week last year.

August has been my best month in a really long time and I’m happy to share what I got up to via my Instagram snaps.

I’ve worked hard on the craft studio and shared snippets here and there. A full reveal post is coming, I promise.


The Etsy store has been a little quieter, so I’ve worked on Scrabble Wall Art orders and product development for Christmas (yes, small businesses need to plan that far ahead!).


Cambridge has been good to me and always provides joy even on a rainy day. I just make the most of it by putting on my wellies and stomping through the (deep) puddles to get pick and mix from the shops.

After a little flooding along the river, we are back to normal levels and I’ve been out and about on Florence.


In August I got my baking mojo back! I made merringues, scones and foraged for apples to start crumble season early. I’m updating my recipe book and giving my kitchen a little refresher with some pretty purchases. It feels good.

I’ve had dates with G (sushi is our fave), sweet shop visits with my dad and virgin cocktails with my bestie for her 30th.


On the blog there have been Filofax and stationery posts, handmade finds, news of a book release, DIYs and fashion wish lists. 4 posts a week now and I couldn’t love blogging more.


Oh, and Tammy keeps falling asleep with her tongue out #cuteoverload.


So there you have it! August has reminded me of how it feels to be healthy. I never take it for granted when I feel well, I just feel lucky and enjoy the moment in case the next bad spell is on its way.

Here’s to a happy and productive September for all of you too.



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3 thoughts on “Instalife August 2014

  1. Morning Claire,
    I thought of you the other day whilst in our local, large Sainsbury’s (as opposed to our Sainsbury’s Local!) as they had a lot of their lovely stationery on sale! I bought some very nice fold-back clips which only cost me 89p – bargain!

    Also I was going to email you to say that my migraines have been much better (fingers crossed as I type this……) since my GP advised me to take a small dose of asprin each night. She’s one of the doctor’s who thinks everyone should take a small does each night to help with lots of things but I certainly wasn’t expecting it to help the migraines – maybe it’s just a co-incidence but it’s certainly better than it was!
    Have a great day,

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