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This week, the lovely people at Wayfair contacted me about their UK site for home wares. It was new to me, so I had a look and found a huge range of items; there is so much on offer!

As I’m currently working on some small kitchen updates and completing my craft studio (finishing touches are in progress), I felt inspired to put together a wish list of essentials for a craft room.


All items available from Wayfair.co.uk

I’d love to know what you think of my picks. Wayfair have been super kind and have asked me to run a giveaway to win a £150 gift card to spend on their site! All you need to do is enter on the widget below (UK entrants only I’m afraid). Good luck!

Genuine followers only please.

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136 thoughts on “Wayfair Home Wares Giveaway

  1. Ooh I’d never heard of them either but looks like yey have some fab stuff! Homewards wise I couldn’t feel cosy without my lamps. I don’t like having the main lights on and so I have lots and lots of lamps to provide more relaxing, cosy lighting xx

  2. I’ve not heard of them, but their stuff looks lovely! Essentials for my craft room are little pots and tins on my desk so I can keep all my supplies within easy reach to make sure they get used and not just hoarded! 🙂

  3. A natural light producing lamp, comfortable seat/chair, tv or radio and a nice set of good shelves to store your little jars/boxes/tins of crafting goodies!

  4. A comfy chair is definitely an essential, especially if its in a cool funky pattern. Also a good sized mug for many a cups of tea. 🙂 x

  5. An anglepoise lamp, lots of storage and an alarm clock for when you get so engrossed in crafting that you forget the time.

  6. WOW, this looks fab. I LOVE the bright yello stuff. My kitchen has bright yellow in it and its very hard to get hold of.

  7. oooooo I love wayfair! My childrens bunkbeds are from them via tesco direct 😀
    I think you can’t go wrong with storage…storage boxes, storage units, a decent shelf…anything to keep all my lovely bits and bobs safe 😀

  8. Most important ofall are a table and chair at the right height for each other, Then storage, for large and small bits, display boards and shelves. Good lighting. A wireless tuned to Classic Fm

  9. Plenty of storage to keep your workdesk clear and a good light with a daylight bulb.

    Thanks for the chance to win I hadn’t heard of Wayfair b4 reading this post, love your picks so I’m off to check out their website

  10. Commenting again as I missed there was a specific question, sit me at the back of the class 🙂 So! Homeware items essential for a craft room? To me it would definitely be a nice piece of furniture like a side table or gueridon on which to put my record player because I’m always listening to music when I’m making, writing and blogging. Jesse x
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  11. a nice big desk or table so youve got plenty of room, good lighting and a good organised system of keeping your things nice and tidy!

  12. Good lighting, a comfortable seat, a workstation or desk, dedicated storage, a clock because time just flies when you are crafting,

  13. A bright light, so you can see detail, a compartmental storage unit, to keep things organized and a good sturdy large hardwood table.

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