Tourist In Cambridge #2

Summer is the best time in Cambridge. Although I haven’t had time to enjoy the city as much as I should have lately, I have managed some photos for you for this Tourist in Cambridge post.

We try to go punting at least once a year, but this year G went with his office and I went with my sister as I had never taken her despite living in Cambridge for 8 years.

Punting -In-Cambridge

If you are not familiar with punting (I had to explain it to a US pal once), it’s kind of like the gondola boats in Venice. You can read about the alleged history here.


We literally joined the tourists and jumped in a boat along “The Backs” which is where the University college buildings back onto the river Cam. It makes for a picturesque route.


The Bridge of Sighs is a popular postcard picture.


We passed Clare College gardens which houses a banana tree. The greenery is stunning.


King’s College Chapel is the Cambridge place to see. It’s where Carols At King’s are held at Christmas and where Santa hats were supposedly placed on the top of. Student pranks are always debatable unless photos exist!


Punting is a relaxing activity if you pay for someone to punt for you. I can actually punt but it took me years to learn properly. Luckily I haven’t fallen in, yet!


There is a fine art to ducking for the bridges and you mustn’t forget your pole as the boat will go without it if you don’t hold on!


There was even a bar boat which I hadn’t seen on the river before. They were serving Pimms which seemed perfect for the warm weather.

Have you ever tried punting? I secretly want to go to Oxford and try it but I can’t bring myself to in case it is better than Cambridge. Rivals?! Nah, we’ve got more Boat Race wins!

I recently found a great post about Cambridge on Oxford blog Candy Pop. Natasha includes some lovely photos of my favourite spots.



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