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If you are a lover of blogs, you will have probably seen the Blog Hop circulating our community. Lisa and Leanne had asked me previously, but I was tied up with deadlines and couldn’t commit at the time.

Now, the ever witty Katie from Hook Line and Sink Her passed the baton to me this week to answer some questions, so here we go!

Why do you write?

I see my blog as a space for learning and sharing. As soon as I finished my Graduate studies in 2011, I needed a new project to fill the time! Before this blog I sat at my dining table with my friend Jess eating huge bowls of popcorn whilst we both wrote our theses. I still eat the popcorn, but I’m usually crocheting or thinking up new DIYs.


2 years later and the blog has evolved into a place to indulge in my craft, bicycle and stationery addictions, but most importantly it’s been a place to find people just like me. Now I think I’d feel lost without blogging as it’s my number one creative outlet.

What are you working on?

I’ve just finished 2 book projects, so I’m relieved to be free of deadlines for a while. My next big task is to rebrand my online spaces and to photograph my entire Etsy store collections with new equipment.


THEN, I am going to be launching video content. I’m going to night school to learn about video editing and will hopefully be able to nail some good DIYs and maybe a craft room or city tour every now and again.


How does your blog differ from others of its genre?

Well, I hope Claireabellemakes is not ‘just a craft blog’. When I meet people I do say I’m a craft blogger, but I now feel that this space has evolved into a craft and creative lifestyle blog. It really is a piece of me, so unless there is someone out there exactly like me, I guess that is what makes it different. It’s a blend of all my interests and I hope that is what makes it unique. Also, I don’t know many bloggers who are so obsessed with bicycles like I am!

How does your writing process work?

I rarely have free time and I balance the blog, Etsy store and full-time job alongside chronic migraines. It can be pretty challenging at times so I have to make sure I’m insanely organised. I schedule all blog posts in advance but I generally photograph, edit and write in batches – like a binge blogger ha!


I like to work on photos first and then build the writing around them, so it’s primarily visual. I do note down all ideas for blog posts even if I scrap them later on because someone beat me to it or they are just plain rubbish. I have previously written about how I stay organised here.

I loved sharing a little more about my current plans and blog future! I am also featured on the Nuffnang blog today about my business story and goals. It’s quite an honest post, so I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I am super excited to be passing this tag to Joanna from Adventures and Tea Parties who writes about craft, gardening and her lovely jewellery business and Emma of Mab is Mab who is a wonderful book blogger and my stationery enabler. Over to you girls!



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5 thoughts on “Blog Hop

  1. Hey Claire – as always an inspiring blog post. I love to hear about your background and how you fit it all in – admiration overload. I was reading an interesting blog post by design8 re what makes a blog unique as there is talk as to whether blogs have almost reached their day (shock, horror) and I think you hit the nail on the head – the person behind the blog is what makes them unique and when someone does put themselves out there, that is the endearing part – those that don’t have that aspect – well I tire of them quite quickly.

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