5 Ways To Customise Envelopes


Today’s post is a little stationery DIY for you! I’m sharing 5 quick ways to customise envelopes because let’s face it, it’s a blank canvas waiting for decoration…

1. Make your own envelope liner

Start by drawing around your envelope onto some contrasting paper. Cut your liner shape out around 1cm inside the line.


Unfold your envelope and stick the liner paper inside, making sure to leave the gummed area free. I like to use a Crafter’s Companion Glue Runner as it is much easier and stickier than glue sticks.


Reassemble your envelope using glue or the runner and your envelope is ready to use.


2. Edge your envelope with metallics

I adore Metallic Sharpies, so used my bronze one and a ruler to give this blue envelope a custom look.


Add an address and cute stamp sticker and it is ready to mail!


3. Create a custom window envelope

Unfold your envelope and cut out a design (or use a craft punch).


Take some contrasting paper and glue it to the front part of your envelope. Reassemble your envelope with the glue too.


You can change the shape and contrast paper for each envelope you decorate.


4. Make a polka dot envelope with stamping ink

Find a pretty ink and a pencil with a rubber on the end. My favourites are these Metallic Inks (can you see a theme?!).


Dip the rubber into the ink and press onto your envelope. You will have to reapply the ink after every few dots.


Remember to leave a space for the address.


5. Make an accordion envelope pouch for storing papers and photos

Take a handful of envelopes. Fold the envelope flap backwards and use the gummed edge to stick it to the next envelope. You may need some glue too.


Repeat until you have an accordion of envelope pouches!


You can use this to store journalling cards, photos, receipts….whatever you like!


I hope you liked those envelope ideas! Please do share you own in the comments below or send me a tweet if you try any these quick DIYs.

A big thanks to the guys All Colour Envelopes who provided these envelopes free of charge for review and DIY purposes. You can find a huge range on their site and the quality is pretty awesome for crafting or letter writing.



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6 thoughts on “5 Ways To Customise Envelopes

  1. Love this! Want to try this for holiday greeting cards. Maybe I will test some out and send to you. Great piece Claire!

  2. Love this post, I have no reason to send any snail mail but this makes me want too. So I shall be trying some of these and suprising a few friends just so I try these out. My first will be on its way to beautiful Cambridge where my friend lives. Love seeing your Cambridge pics as I know some of these places : )

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