Filofax Inspiration #7

It’s already number 7 in the Filofax Inspiration series! Today I thought I would update you on my planner, rather than sharing inspiration from elsewhere.

I am still using my A5 Domino Filofax planner in pink. I like this planner as it has an elastic closure (meaning it can be stuffed really full) and it also lays flat when opened.

I change my planner style every few months. At the moment it is decorated with kawaii stationery starting with this Rilakkuma bear charm I received in my Kawaii subscription box.


Plain notes are just boring, so I got some Rilakkuma sticky notes for the front section of the planner.


Artbox is a great shop for stickers and notelets. I like to keep a selection in a stationery box on my desk for planner decorating (usually on a Sunday for the week ahead).


How cute are these cat stickers?! I’m honestly never going to stop loving stickers. So childlike haha! I told G that if he wanted to just buy me a load of stickers for my birthday this year that would make me happy. STICKER NERD ALERT.


I don’t do Project Life journalling, but I do buy the cards as the selections are great and they can be used for all sorts of things. I like to stick one Project Life card in my planner per week to either write a list or quote on. Hobbycraft have some themed packs on sale at the moment.


I usually use washi tape to decorate my Filofax planner and stick with a theme and colour scheme each week. I’m getting back into practising gratitude by writing a list of “happy things” for the week. I find this really useful for positive thinking.


Pens of choice at the moment are the Pilot Frixion Erasable Rollerball and this flowery black fine liner which I think I got from The idea Owl.


I no longer write a weekly to-do list for the planner, but instead have a seperate notebook for Bullet Journalling. It’s my first month trying this task management system so I’ll let you know how I get on. I may integrate this back into my planner at some point.

As always, please link up any Filofax Inspiration in the comments below and if you are a Bullet Journaller please let me know any tips or tricks!



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7 thoughts on “Filofax Inspiration #7

  1. Gorgeous planner! I am trying to thin down my A5 that I use on a day to day basis so I haven’t got as much bulk to carry around! I have a little collection of three personal Filo’s that I leave at home for blogging, crafts and exercise/food diary…I feel like I might end up with a rather large collection… Two of my personals are the the domino style…I’d seen a lot of reviews where people didn’t like them as much as the original or malden but then I won one in a giveaway and I adore them!

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