How To Store Photographs

How-To-Store-PhotographsI love taking photographs. I take all my blog photos on a Canon EOS 400D (usually with a 50mm lens) and use a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera for polaroid snaps. They are SO fun. I recently purchased a new tripod to improve my photography skills too.

Editors note: from July 2014 I use a Canon EOS 1200D.


Recently, the lovely folk at Tesco Compare home insurance got in touch with me and asked me to share how I keep the contents of my home safe. I am keen on storing both digital and print photographs so I thought I’d share my tips and crafty ideas today with you all.

Digital storage

An external hard drive* is a safe way to keep digital images backed up. This one is pretty hefty (I could probably do bicep curls with it) but stores up to 4TB so is well worth it for snap happy folk like me. Of course you need to remember to actually back up regularly!


Hard copy photograph storage

I adore printed photographs. I have collected old photos over the years and regularly print new ones too. I like to keep them in boxes with lids and clearly label them in categories for family, friends, Cambridge etc. This keeps them dust free and away from pets. My Persian cat loves to chew packaging and pictures for some reason!


Scrapbooking photographs

I’ve discussed scrapbooking or Smashbooking photographs here on the blog before. I have a number of albums where I store photographs as well as design pages like the ones below. It’s a good way to get creative and move away from the normal plastic wallet style albums.


Our travel photo and Cambridge albums are the most up to date. We are hoping to go to the US next year so I’ll have more to add (maybe DISNEY!!!!).


Cloud Storage

Whilst cloud storage is useful for our online lives, G reminded me that your files are never 100% safe from hackers and viruses. I use cloud storage as an additional back up. You definitely want to keep that memorable photo of you cutting your hair into a ridiculous asymmetric style with scarlet red streaks because you thought it looked cool (Me?! No! *insert winky face*).


I’d love to hear your ideas for keeping photographs safe. Do you have any tips or tricks?

Editors Note: I also use IFTT for saving all my Instagram photos to Dropbox.



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5 thoughts on “How To Store Photographs

  1. Hi Clare. I got to read this post as it was posted through I was particularly interested in your ideas as I have just almost completed scanning most of all my hardcopy photos as the old photo albums were dirty and heavy. I have to families, from two marriages, and photos from the first family were of concern to me as I didn’t know what would happen after I depart this life. So I scanned and will give each member of my family a copy. I was also thinking of creating a private board in my Pinterest account and keeping them there. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Scanning old photos is a really great idea, especially if you want to share them. Just remember to back up! I think a private Pinterest board is a good idea, but as with anything online (like cloud storage and websites), it is never 100% secure from hackers.

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