10 Great Tips For Crafters

Today I want to share with you some tips and tricks for crafters that I’ve picked up over the years. Hopefully there is something for everyone in this list!


1. Wipe your crochet hook with a tumble dryer sheet to allow the hook to glide more easily over the yarn.

I wish I had known this when I was learning to crochet!


2. Store glue sticks in the freezer to prevent stringy application.

Not sure of the science behind this one but I like it! I recommend taking the glue sticks out of the freezer for a short while before use otherwise your glue gun will take an age to heat.


3. To soften paint covered brushes, soak in hair conditioner or fabric softener for 10 minutes before using.

I am definitely one for not washing my paintbrushes as soon as I’ve finished using them *slaps self on the wrist*, so I love this one!


4. Run creased ribbon over a hot light bulb to smooth out. But mind those fingers!

I stuff all my ribbon scraps in a big jar so will have to try this quick technique.


5. Sharpen scissors by cutting sandpaper.

This totally works. I am a scissor hoarder and make sure to keep fabric and paper ones separate.


6. Press small pieces of fabric with a hair straightener rather than getting the ironing board out.

Yeah, I’m a lazy crafter sometimes. Sorry!


7. Carefully pour just boiled water onto wax scraps left in glass candle containers. Leave to cool and the wax will come free from the jar.

Use the wax scraps to make more candles using this DIY!


8. Pick up seed beads and glitter mess with a lint roller.

This one is honestly SO helpful. Seed beads never behave do they?!


9. Use a teapot as a thrifty alternative to a yarn bowl.

Make sure your teapot is clean and dry though! My bicycle teapot is from Yellowstone Art Boutique.


10. Sharpen craft punches by punching tin foil.

Clever eh?!


Do you have any top crafting tips to share? Please comment below as I’d love to increase this list and I know there are a ton of crafty folk reading.



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13 thoughts on “10 Great Tips For Crafters

  1. Those are some excellent tips – never ever would I have thought about using my straighteners for a small bit of ironing and i’m off on a shaperning my scissors mission now!

  2. Some great tips Claire, I knew the one for sharpening paper punches, but the rest were new to me, I’ll certainly be giving them a try. Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I love the hair straightener idea, in fact I might get myself some just for this purpose as I’m always using tiny bits of fabric and hate getting the iron out! Thank you x

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