Guest Post: DIY Nautical Macramé Buoys

Today’s post welcomes Olivia who writes for collaborative craft blog DIY Mother. Olivia reached out to me as a fairly new blogger and had some awesome DIY ideas to share!

I’ll hand over right now so Olivia can share her how to for these DIY Nautical Macramé Buoys.


A few months ago, I taught myself the art of macramé because I wanted to make a plant hanger. For hours, I tried to teach myself how to make elaborate decorative knots and I failed miserably each time. I came out of the project knowing how to make 2 decorative knots, and not wanting to do it ever again.

Then I saw these nautical buoys at Pottery Barn. And, of course, the annoying DIY voice inside my head told me I could turn it into another DIY macramé project. Plus, it didn’t require any fancy knots, just basic ones.

My version of the globes didn’t turn out exactly like the originals, but I’m happy with it. I didn’t want to spend 10 dollars on the popular looking glass spray paint. Rather, I wanted something that I could use again.

So let’s get started with this simple, cheap, and easy tutorial.

Glass globe vases (or decorative globes)
Sisal rope (a woven type of rope)
Candles (optional)
Rocks (optional)

1. The closest thing I could find to nautical style rope is called sisal rope. It was flexible to work with, but rugged enough to hold its shape. Cut 4 strands of your rope in 2-ft long segments. You’ll need the extra for bulky knots.

2. Hold all 4 segments together and fold them in half, so that you have 8 strands hanging. Then, tie a large knot at the top to secure the pieces.


3. Turn your vase upside down and place the knot on top of the base. Spread out your pieces of rope evenly, making sure that none are overlapping.


4. Pull two of the ropes together and tie a knot toward the top of the vase. Do this all the way around the vase, using pieces that are close together. You’ll have 4 knots around the vase.


5. Start another row on knots about 3 inches down from the first row. Pull 1 piece from one knot, and 1 piece from the knot next to it, and tie those together in a knot. This starts to create the “web” that the vase will be in. Do that all the way around again and repeat the process one more row down.


6. Take the remaining rope you have and tie all of it into another bulky knot. Tuck it into the opening of the vase and you’re done!




Such a cool DIY, thanks for sharing Olivia! I think these would be great for a bathroom shelf with tea light candles.

Please give Olivia a follow over at the DIY Mother blog – their motto is “Not Afraid To Use Power Tools In A Dress” ha! 

You can also find DIY Mother on Twitter.



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