Bicycle Prints by Ste Illustrates

Social Media is a wonderful thing. I am a little addicted to Twitter and Instagram, but it means I often discover super talented folk like Ste Johnson.

Ste is a Liverpool based illustrator who came to my attention when a friend recommended his work to me. Of course being a bicycle geek, she knew I would love his latest print.

Bicycles Are A Girl’s Best Friend is Ste’s first ever commercially developed print, available right here.

I love his friendly illustration style. Most of his work begins as a pencil drawing and is then turned into a digital piece of art. I’m definitely saving up for a commission.

My HORRIBLE postman clearly doesn’t understand how to deliver mail and proceeded to jam the print through my letter box when it was clearly too big (A3) *Sad Face*. I have framed it which has straightened it out now.

It really is a fabulous print with rich colours and fantastic paper/card quality.


Please check out Ste’s work on his website and follow him on Twitter. He is a super friendly chap and has just taken the plunge to go freelance full-time. I’m all for supporting UK artists and hope you all will too!

Plus his print release couldn’t be more timely with the Tour de France happening soon. I’m too excited for stage 3 in Cambridge on 7 July!


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