DIY Magnetic Fabric Noticeboard


Want to know how to make a DIY Magnetic Fabric Noticeboard? Today’s tutorial is my entry for the Hilarys Blinds Country Craft Competition (more info here) so I thought I’d share it with you all!

You will need:

  • A (magnetic) baking tray
  • Fabric
  • Spray adhesive
  • Felt (for optional backing)
  • Thick Ribbon
  • Buttons
  • Magnets

Here are my suggestions from Amazon.


I managed to get some spray adhesive from Hobbycraft which is currently half price!


Start by cutting your pressed fabric with a 1.5 inch border around the baking tray. Then snip each corner off diagonally.


In a well ventilated area, evenly spray the underside of the baking tray with the adhesive. The permanent spray adhesive is super sticky so keep your fluffy pets away!


Turn the tray over with the glue side down and smooth onto your fabric. (The sticker on my tray left a pacman shaped mark hehe!).


Flip over and smooth out any creases with your hand.


Turn the tray back over and apply adhesive along each edge pressing the additional fabric onto the tray (almost like wrapping a present). A little of the spray glue goes a long way.


Once you have glued all sides, you can add more adhesive to cover the back in felt. This step is optional as it wont be seen once hung.

I didn’t have a piece that covered the back entirely so I used a couple of pieces and added clips to the side to hold it down until dry.


Grab a measuring tape and mark out along the back top edge where you would like your ribbon placed. This needs to be secured well as you will hang your noticeboard from it.

I used a hot glue gun, but you could also use the spray adhesive.


Press firmly on the ribbon to ensure it is secure!


I then hot glue gunned some buttons onto magnets and used them to fix some inspirational quotes to my board.


Hang and add your notices! Great for the kitchen for menu and shopping reminders.




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8 thoughts on “DIY Magnetic Fabric Noticeboard

  1. Lovely idea, Claire! Looks like a bag hanging up on the wall 🙂
    Where do you get all your ideas from? I would never think of this! And gluing the buttons onto magnets is genius! x

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