February Favourites 2014

I’m really enjoying putting together these Favourites posts for you guys, as it makes me realise a) how much I spend on random stuff each month, and b) how sometimes it’s not THINGS that matter. However, you can expect stationery, tea items and general bicycle obsessions to be included in these posts…..

First up, these cute macarons. But they are not edible! They’re actually erasers – how realistic are they?! I got them in stationery store Blott. I also bought this because aaaw!


This stamp came in a set from Next with metallic ink. It was a birthday gift, but I’ve only just got around to using them.


I’ve had this bicycle notebook for a while, but I finally wrote on the first page (does anyone else hate that moment?!) and it is now my ‘biz things’ notebook.


I’m becoming a little obsessive about mail swaps. Although this one was an in-person swap I did with blogger Emma from Mab Is Mab. How cute is EVERYTHING? The thing that looks like a pencil is actually a pen. All my friends are obsessing over them at the moment and we have dubbed them the “Pen Pencil”.


I took the plunge and changed my magazine subscriptions to digital. I thought I would hate it but I actually don’t! It saves on paper and storage and Simply Crochet looks super lovely on screen.

I was so sad to hear that Crafty Magazine is finishing though, I loved it!


I received a late birthday present from a friend I hadn’t seen in a while, this bicycle brooch pin is so unusual and is in fact my first bike pin!


Tiger products will probably always feature in my favourites. This Chinese style teapot was only £8 and it has an infuser inside.


I’m not a big beauty products person, but I often stop by Lush on my way home from the day job as I adore the products and the staff are so lovely. This Lush Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb is a good one to use before bedtime.



I also want to share with you a super cool small business a friend shared with me. Paint My Pumps is run by Ruth who sells custom painted Converse trainers! I don’t own a pair yet, but I’d love to get some bicycle ones haha!



Image by Paint My Pumps

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you will know I recently purchased a new bike with some birthday money from family. The river levels in Cambridge finally went down after a long stormy winter so it was BIKE RIDE TIME!


I went out by myself along the river path. A lot of the bridges are under construction at the moment, so I had to take a different route. I passed lots of rowers racing. I love the cyclists on the path who shout at the rowers.


I found myself in a village named Fen Ditton and passed lots of lovely cottages and pubs. It was refreshing to get out of the city for an afternoon.


I smile like a big goofy idiot when I’m out on my bike in the sunshine. Got to work on some basket decoration soon, it’s all naked.


It’s definitely my favourite thing at the moment. What are you favourites for February? Do share in the comments below.



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8 thoughts on “February Favourites 2014

  1. This is such a lovely blog Claire, I’m in love with your bicycle too. My brother ‘borrowed’ my beloved bike while I was at university, when I came home it was rusty and without a seat and I’ve been without a bike ever since! I’m looking forward to getting a new one in the future and taking it on long rides in the Forest of Dean, my favourite camping destination.

    My favourite February thing is probably just the weather brightening ever so slightly, as I type sunshine is pouring in through my window which cheers me up immensely. I’m back at university and don’t have much spare money to spend on lovely little things so I have to live vicariously through other peoples blog posts and Instagram photos!

    Claire xx

    1. Oh that is such a shame about your bike! I am totally with you on the sunshine – Cambridge is showing early signs of Spring here and it’s just lovely. It’s important to take time to enjoy the simple and inexpensive things too! Have fun at Uni – it goes by so quickly x

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