Guest Post: DIY Fabric Clipboards

Happy Valentines Day! I am so super excited to introduce my next guest blogger for Share The Love month, it’s only Caroline from the fab fashion, crafts and nail art blog Burkatron!

So I shall hand over to Caroline to show us how to make these pretty Fabric Covered Clipboards.


Hi everyone! I’m a big fan of Claireabellemakes so I was really excited to do this post; thanks so much for having me Claire! I hope you enjoy this DIY as it’s really quick and easy (my favourite type of project!) I’ve just moved house and my new office space is chaos so I’ve been looking for ways of organising my desk more efficiently. I though this was a simple way to get on top of the clutter (wish me luck!) and use up some of my fabric off cuts in the process. You’ll need:

      • Clipboards
      • Fabric of your choice (make sure it’s large enough to cover your boards)
      • Scissors
      • Glue
      • A craft knife

Step 1, Grab your clipboards and fabric. I had some old ones to hand but they’re easily available in stationery shops. Fabric-Covered-Clipboards-1

Step 2. Measure out the fabric and cut to size. It needs to cover the whole clipboard so leave a good inch overlap to tuck around the sides.


Step 3. Now comes the fiddly part! You’ll need to cut a slit in the fabric to go over the clip, it’s not an exact science just keep snipping until you can fit the fabric over.


Step 4. Now use the blunt edge of your craft knife to ‘tuck’ the fabric under the metal clip. This took me a good few minutes but once it was all tucked under it held in place nicely… phew!


Step 5. Now the fun part, gluing! I’ve used spray glue to cover the front of the board but you can use regular craft/fabric glue (just make sure to apply it lightly so it doesn’t stain your fabric.) Press the fabric down and smooth out any air bubbles as you work towards the corners. Turn the clipboard over and glue the excess fabric down firmly to finish.


Step 6. Repeat the above steps to cover your next board; I’ve used a different fabric for my second one as I liked the contrast. Once they have dried you can start adding things to your new fabric clipboards!


I have a slight addiction to list writing so I’m pretty sure mine will soon be filled up with my daily ‘to do’ notes! You can also try mounting them onto walls- I think now I’ve made these I might make a few more for my kitchen and use them to display our shopping lists and postcards!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little project? If you want to come and say hello you can find me at 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Caroline x


I adore this! Thanks so much Caroline – practical and pretty, that’s my kind of DIY. 

Be sure to check out Caroline’s blog for loads more craft and style inspiration. I was lucky enough to bump into to her a couple of weeks back in Cambridge – meeting bloggers in real life is a weirdly exciting thing.



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