A Sunny Day In Cambridge

I gave myself the day off today after a bad week of migraines (usually my weekends are spent working on my Etsy store). Last year I learnt to pace and really listen to my body, so I knew that a relaxed day was in order. Especially as I have been anxious and incredibly clumsy of late.

The sun came out  in Cambridge and I set off for brunch, tea and coffee dates planned with friends. I live by the river and always take time to appreciate the scenery and the market square in the city centre is a favourite spot of mine.







The day ended with my friend Jo spotting this rainbow. Perfect.

Back to work tomorrow! What are you up to this weekend?

One last thing – February on the blog is going to be Share The Love month! This means a huge giveaway and a guest DIY post every Friday. I’m super excited to welcome some amazing bloggers to this space, it’s going to be awesome.



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14 thoughts on “A Sunny Day In Cambridge

  1. Hi Claire,

    I love this post. I found your blog via your post on printed.com. I studied in Cambridge and now run an etsy shop around my young family – have also been suffering from migraines of late. Your post brought back some happy memories of the beautiful city in the fens. Good luck with all your endeavours (and I hope the migraines ease off).

    1. Hi Lucy, thanks for coming over to my blog from Printed! I am pleased my post brought back good memories for you! I hope the migraines ease for you too – I go to the National Migraine Centre in London and they have been fantastic at helping me get them under control. I would urge you to go if you can. Have a great weekend and I will be sure to check out your Etsy store x

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