Moments That Mattered

This week I’ve been playing around with my camera and want to share with you some animations that illustrate the moments that mattered to me last year. They are all inspired by the Lloyds Bank Campaign to pick your moments of 2013. I hope they will work as it’s just a bit of fun!

Riding my bike and even getting asked to make a BIKE Scrabble Brooch….


Developing my crochet skills……


Creating even more Scrabble Brooches in my favourite word, TEA…..


And of course, the big moment – developing my Etsy Store!! It’s so fun to see all the products I developed in 2013.

Claireabellemakes Etsy

I’d love to know what moments mattered to you, so please do share in the comments below.



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This post was inspired by this video for the Moments That Mattered Campaign. This is not a sponsored post.

2 thoughts on “Moments That Mattered

  1. ha, I love these videos! And a great selection of moments. My key moments have been vast – it’s been a big year for me – but creatively setting up Blue Eggs and Tea was life changing, and continues to be so. It would be easy to say getting married, changing jobs and moving across the country but it’s the little things that jump out as tiny turning points. Getting back on my bike last week mentally did me the world of good, and picking up the keys to our new house was magic. that’s a year if you consider a january-january timescale 😉 here’s to 2014 moments!

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