Filofax Inspiration #1

Last year I used an electronic calendar for the entire year. I had multiple pieces of paper in my bag in addition to the calendar on my smart phone and it really didn’t work for me. Having stuck it out for 12 months, I decided that my life required a Filofax.

So today’s post is the first in a new series of Filofax inspiration! I’m just making a start with mine, so I’m hoping these posts will develop over time.


With my Christmas money, I purchased the A5 Pink Domino Personal Organiser, available here.


I used to have a pocket organiser a few years back and still had the pen which fits nicely next to the inside cover with my business cards. I’m planning to fill these slots with pretty post its.


There are two pen holders on the Domino Filofax so I have also chosen to include this cute one from the Kirstie Allsopp Stationery range.

Fabric-Tape The Works in Cambridge was having a huge sale this weekend so I picked up this reel of fabric tape for just 99p.


Each week has a fabric or washi tape design added to the top of the page (I have a week on 2 pages which comes with the Domino as standard).


The Kirstie Allsopp to do list sheets are slightly bigger than A5, so I have trimmed some to size and used a one hole punch along the edge. I have one list per week which includes my cleaning chores, business goals and outstanding Etsy store orders.


I’ve been looking at these Scotch paper cutting tools for a while now, but I couldn’t find them for cheaper than £10 which I thought was a bit steep for what it was. Then, The Works came to the rescue and I snapped this one up for £1.99. I’ll report back on how it cuts and whether I’ll be ditching the scissors!


I plan to also decorate each week with washi tape (these are from the Kirstie Allsopp range) and some Cath Kidston stickers.  G gave me these ones in my stocking this Christmas.


The Cath Kidston stickers will have a goal for that week written on them. The first week in January was to organise and clean! I also wrote this New Start post showing my meal planning chalkboard that week.

Each day I write one ‘happy thing’ in the diary section and usually it will be the simple things that have cheered me that day.


I thought the standard dividers where a little dull, so have recovered in craft papers and sectioned my papers off into Blog, Health and Bills. Before purchasing the Filofax, I had separate plastic wallets in my bag for my blog planner and migraine diaries. Now it is all in one place.


I’ll be adding more sections to show you in future posts, including a note section for business ideas.


These mini notelets were from Hobbycraft in the Tilly Daydream range. There are a number of cute designs in each pad. I’m sure I’ll find a use for these for shopping lists or similar.


Finally, I need advice from my lovely followers and fellow crafters! Where in the world can I buy a decent glue runner / tape roller?!! This Hobbycraft one is driving me insane as it’s truly rubbish and I haven’t been able to find one since my fantastic one from the US ran out.

So that’s the beginnings of my Filofax and the first in the inspiration series! I hope you’ve enjoyed it and please do share any Filo tips or links you have in the comments below.



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18 thoughts on “Filofax Inspiration #1

  1. I love how you customise your filofax, I have never thought to do anything like that before to make it more personal. I would recommend Crafters Companion for the glue runner, I use theirs all the time and they are refillable. I have a referral link I shall pop in an email to you so you can take a look 🙂

  2. Hi Claire, what a fab idea! I must start to reuse my Filofax again this year – although it’s the ‘Personal’ size so maybe a tad on the small size! My daughter had a Filofax (from me!) as part of her Christmas parcels – despite having also had an iPad Air from her brother and partner plus baby Lilly but she still finds the Filofax really useful for her work (she’s a solicitor) so that speaks volumes I think!
    Happy Monday!

  3. Oooh, pretty Filofax! I used to have a Funfax when I was a kid and I remember tipping all the booklets out of it and making it into my first organiser – sad child! I love seeing how others keep themselves organised; my Moleskine + colour coding system is working well for me so far 🙂 x

  4. Another fab idea! I like a paper diary/organiser and just use my Blackberry to set task reminders. You can buy tape rollers from Create & Craft and also I think from Card Craft Plus. x

  5. I love this. I have a theory that more creative people do better with physical lists and diaries than electronic ones. I think it’s something about being able to see it all at once… In any case you just became my organisational guru. 🙂

  6. Wow. Super organised! I always have the best intentions with diaries and then find they fall by the wayside after a couple of weeks. Hope yours works out for you, especially after all the lovely customisation!
    Jones x

  7. Welcome to the wonderful world of filofax love. Have a look at the philofaxy blog and you will never look back. (And you will probably find at least 10 other filofaxes you want)

  8. I am a stationery-a-holic…..I have only just purchased a lovely paperchase diary for this year but already want to revert back to my filofax now you have given me the perfect idea to customise it! My only problem is the space it takes up and how much it weighs…..I find my absolute must for bag contents is purse, phone, diary, notebook. Then I always try to keep a little make-up bag with headache tablets, ibs tablets, lady things and a lipgloss. Not to mention hairbrush and mag for just incase I get 5 minutes to read! Please can we have a handbag post?????

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