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So it’s 2014 and everyone is making new year resolutions. For me a resolution is about making a change in your life that sticks. It becomes a new thing you just do. Not something you do just for January (*cough* unused gym membership anyone?).

So I’ve grabbed myself this plannerย and a new Filo Fax and I’m making goals.

G and I decided that we want to waste less food going forward and in order to do this (and save a few pennies), we are meal planning. Now I need to turn every opportunity into a craft moment (of course), so here’s our blackboard wallpaper list to remind us of dinner plans and cleaning jobs for each day.


The blackboard wallpaper is super easy to apply and as we are renting it is a perfect solution to a dull kitchen, as it peels off without leaving any residue.


We are also setting ourselves a weekly goal for something we do together. This week we are finishing the Harry Potter movies as we hadn’t seen them before and we recorded them over the holidays.


I used these chalkboard pens to write on the blackboard, but in future I’ll be using chalk as they are not that easy to rub out (supposedly with a wet cloth).


As well as the meal planning, I will be keeping on top of my cleaning. Especially since our little lounge makeover.

I usually let the house get into a state then blitz it, so I have added daily cleaning to the blackboard to make life a little easier.

After reading this review on the Shiny Pigeon blog, I knew that a handheld hoover would be SO helpful as we have a white persian cat and then bought a charcoal sofa. IDIOT MOMENT THERE.


Anyway, this ‘pet hair eraser’ is blimmin’ awesome. Each day I come home, Tammy has shed some clump of fur somewhere around the house from dashing around playing with her toys. 5 minutes with this hoover and we are back to non furry house.

The cord is super long so it makes it easy to do the stairs and the amount of my hair it picked up too was insane. Worth it for non pet owners too!

And yeah I used it on my trousers after Tammy sat on my lap. She’s cute though right?


I have also been using this little tool on my sofa and her scratching post base which picks up a ton of hair.



So this is my life from now on. Domestic goddess with a cute cat and a Potter fan. I’ll check back in a couple of weeks to let you know how it goes! If you’re interested in any of the items mentioned, they can all be found on Amazon.

What are your new year resolutions/goals for 2014? If you need some inspiration, this site has a great free planning kit for 2014



NB: I was sent the items featured above to assist me in achieving my goals as part of the New Year New Start Campaign. I received no payment.

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16 thoughts on “New Start – Meal Planning Blackboard

  1. Good Morning Claire, Firstly, can I say what a cute Persian Tammy is, she can sit on my lap any time. I love the idea of your Blackboard wallpaper, as that would be useful for me to use in my sewing room to help me finish sewing projects which I have started and keep meaning to finish.
    Thank you for the idea.
    Best Wishes

  2. Hey Claire,

    Firstly, Tammy is beautiful. That’s made me smile a lot this morning. Freds goes through periods where he malts everywhere, constantly. It’s so annoying, so I share your pain!

    I love this idea! Just this weekend Stu and I have been talking about eating better and how to go about it. It’ll be easier once we’re living together, but for now we’re going to make steps to eating well and doing more exercise. It started this weekend with a winter walk.

    Love that you managed to throw in some craftiness to the occasion – the sign of a true blogger!

    Let us know how you get on. ๐Ÿ™‚ Leanne x

    1. Pleased to hear Tammy cheered you! When you move in together I think meal planning is definitely the way to go. We take 10 minutes to sit down together now and plan it for the week. It also means we make an effort to eat fresh rather than frozen stuff.


  3. Hey Claire,

    I really enjoyed reading this post of yours:) Am feeling very inspired with your tips, especially that blackboard wallpaper! I live in a rented house so am not allowed to put hooks on the wall so have been looking for a workable way of organising my various to do lists so will be looking that up on Amazon so thank you for the tip:). Tammy is very cute, she reminds me of the You Tube phenomena, ‘Grumpy Cat’. Have you seen that cat, also very cute:)


    1. Hi Sharon!

      We also use the No More Nails removable sticky pads to hang all our pictures as they leave no marks on the walls when removed and can take a few kg of weight. Perfect for renters. The blackboard foil is genius and it was easy to apply.

      I often wonder if I should start a Tammy You Tube channel……!

  4. Tammys face in that pic is priceless! Its like shes shocked that you accuse her of such a thing as shedding! hee We have been putting things into place to save money for a little while now, like takeaway nights that we cook at home plus we do freezer cooking, nearly every time hubby cooks something he does too much and freezes the rest. We have been know to get 3 meals each out of one chilli ๐Ÿ™‚ and because we were going to have it anyway it adds no time. he does things like add shredded carrots and fresh toms to fill it out a bit so we have less meat. I am looking at making some of my own beauty stuff this year as well body scrub that kind of thing as its so expensive to buy now. This year we are doing saving stamps for Christmas and new year as well just getting what we can afford each shopping trip. I think the key is little changes as they all add up x

  5. This post made me smile. I made a meal planning whiteboard last year which I am pleased to say is still in use one year on. I love the idea of adding the cleaning on as well as I hate getting to the weekend and having it all still to do. I’m genuinely interested as to whether you and J can stick to this! Best of luck and blog love x

  6. Fantastic idea, Claire! We do a menu each week also, so that we don’t throw so much food away and also look after the pennies. It’s great knowing what we’re having each night, so that we can focus on more fun activities – crafting (me) and writing (hubby). We also have a cooking and washing up rota, which works treat, so no arguments over whose turn it is. I love your idea about throwing one cleaning tasks in each night, rather than saving it all for the weekend, which is what we tend to do. I might have to introduce that one. And I TOTALLY have to get blackboard wallpaper for the kitchen – fab idea and looks great too!
    Jo ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  7. I’ve been trying to get on top of our cleaning this year too by making a note in my calendar of when I do things. Otherwise I forgot whether it was I de-scaled the kettle last Wednesday or three weeks before, because my brain has no room to remember cleaning stuff (it’s full of Spice Girls lyrics. I’m not even sorry). xxx

  8. Love that wallpaper – I’m a little obsessed with chalkboard, so this is right up my street! Thanks for the tip about the chalk pens also, I’ve always wondered if they would be better than regular chalk, but if they are difficult to remove, I make too many mistakes so will stick to the simple stuff!

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