Warm Your Home – Makeover Challenge

This week I’ve been taking part in the Homeserve Winter Blogger Challenge to make a room in my house as cosy as possible on a £50 budget.

My lounge was rather uninspiring, so I decided to focus on a few key items that I think make a room much more cosy for the winter! I went to B&Q to stock up on home wears and got my sewing machine out to help with the room makeover.

Here’s my lounge sofa area before….just loads of blankets stuffed in the corner. Quite uninspiring.


I recovered some new cushions with this great red fabric, which was actually old tea towels! And a knitted cushion is always cosy in my opinion.


Just tidying up the blanket pile made a difference and I guess you are wondering what the long thing is?


It’s a homemade lavender wheat bag! Definitely super cosy as you can pop it in the microwave for a minute and it will keep you warm for a good while. Let me know if you would like the tutorial for these, I promise they are simple and cheap to make.


I replaced our tired lampshades with some of the paper lantern types which you can see in the later photos.


I found this red Clarke and Clarke fabric in my stash and quickly made a pyramid fabric doorstop. It is filled with rice, as is the wheat bag.


I hung my no sew fabric wreath for Christmas. I might add some felt holly to it soon.


My crochet heart garland was hung on the mirror.


I am a little bit obsessed with candles so I filled our empty fireplace with pillar candles, fairy lights, glitter tea lights and Christmas baubles in a vase. I like the festive look it creates.


Here you can see the fireplace as a whole including more lights and the new lampshade.


Here is the lounge space after. The majority of the budget was spent on this fluffy red rug, which the cat is already pleased with.


Adding a Christmas tree always makes a room cosier doesn’t it? I might have to put fairy lights up all year.


I think a few simple touches have really made my lounge cosier, do you agree?




9 thoughts on “Warm Your Home – Makeover Challenge

  1. It looks great Claire! I think it’s the colour that does it, such simple things! I think a rug is what my living room is missing, think I might buy one now 🙂 x x x

  2. Every year I try to get a few more holiday decor items to spruce up my home for the holidays. I really love your pillows. I’ll need to put that on my list! 🙂

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