Handmade December Favourites 2013

Today I am sharing my Handmade December favourites, which include some items I just can’t get enough of. Enjoy!

I’ve been a Macrame Bicycle Bracelet making machine. And it’s been so great to see them sell so quickly for the You Can Bike Too fundraising campaign. I love the new colours too.


For UK readers, there is still time to order one of these for Christmas delivery. Last posting date is 20 December.


Christmas party outfits – I am trying to limit the amount of Christmas parties I go to (migraines are a nuisance like that), but I am definitely going to be wearing my handmade fascinator this year. We made these on my birthday day out at Drink Shop Do.


I cannot tell you how much I adore Mustard Coloured Yarn at the moment. These balls from Tiger are just £1 each for super soft acrylic. I might have to make some mitts out of this, but do comment if you have any better ideas!


I’m feeling much love for Handmade Subscription Boxes this month. The Goodie Goodness box is such a winner for lovers of handmade and the clay Christmas decoration in the December box is just gorgeous.




I am scouring my Christmas boxes and Pinterest for Christmas Wrapping Ideas this year. I like to change it up each year and use yarn and brown paper and of course something glittery! This year, I am loving these wooden Christmas tree pegs from Tiger, not technically handmade, but they will be paired with stamped wrapping paper and crochet yarn chains for twine.


I bloomin’ love scented candles. I just can’t get enough of them. As a pet owner, I’m super paranoid about the house smelling of cat (my friends tell me it doesn’t, but I am always cautious), so scented candles are a must. 


At the recent From Cambridge With Love market, I picked up these scented candles from Harpers Bizzare that smell like baked goods. They are made with all natural ingredients (soy wax) and are vegan too.

G has nabbed the Bakewell Tart one for his man cave!


Resourceful Restorationthese salt and pepper mills are hand painted by Stuart who runs his furniture restoration business of the same name. I spotted them on his Facebook page as he was packing up for a fair and snapped them up before he could sell them! Please check out Stuart’s website for retro and vintage furniture inspiration.


Glittery Christmas Decorations have taken over my house this year. The Christmas tree is adorned with glittery red bows and ornaments. I expect the cat will be glittery by Christmas eve as she loves to get involved with all the decorations!


Can you spot the mini toadstool ornaments on the tree too? I will be sharing more of my Christmas decor on Wednesday.


What are you loving this month? Please share in the comments below!



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6 thoughts on “Handmade December Favourites 2013

  1. I’m knitting a scarf out of super chunky mustard yarn at the moment, and love it. But I ordered two more balls and when it arrived it was normal, not chunky, so looks like I’ll be having a go at a mitten project too! Love the look of those scented candles 🙂 x

  2. I love the bicycles and they are super cute. How much do you sell these at, if I can afford. I am from sri lanka and looking for a favour gift for my sons bike party. thank you and god bless you

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