Inheriting A Yarn Stash

In March this year, I lost my dear Nan whom I was very close to. I can’t say time has made her passing any easier, but perhaps we find ways to cope and get on with life.

My Nan was an extremely creative woman. She was a dress maker and knitter. We loved to write letters to one another. We spoke on the phone regularly and she was proud of all members of her family for every achievement, no matter how small.

I guess it is inevitable that clearing someone’s belongings will take some time. Recently, my Mum asked if I would like to have Nan’s yarn stash. I have to admit, I did wonder where it all was when I cleared out her sewing room. We had found a huge bag in her attic.


As a child, I remember the knitting machine. It amazed me. The giant spools were loaded and the handle pulled across to make knitting. I guess it was magical in a way. We used to spend time at my grandparents house after school and often watched Nan knitting her latest garment by hand or putting the finishing touches to her cross stitch. She always had something on the go.


I found it hard to go in my craft room for a long while after she died. I had bags of her fabric and trimmings and even something as small as her pin cushion held too many memories. Sometimes I will have a moment of reflection when I am in there and I wonder what she would think of my latest crochet jumper attempt or my Etsy store. I felt a bit lost with my creativity knowing I couldn’t share it with her.


She kept every scrap of yarn. There were some even smaller than this. We found packs of curtain rings, travel sewing kits, safety pins, hooks, all sorts of items she imagined were useful.



Nan didn’t crochet much. I found these granny squares in plastic bags underneath all the yarn. I wonder if I should find some yarn to match and start a blanket in her memory. That would be nice knowing she had started it.


She always swatched. A good knitter was Nan.


I don’t really know what the purpose of this post was. Some time for reflection perhaps. I feel I can’t really share my creativity without mentioning her sometimes, as she inspired me greatly.


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14 thoughts on “Inheriting A Yarn Stash

  1. What a lovely post and thank you for sharing pictures of your Nans yarn stash with us all. It is clear from the tone in your writing that you miss her dearly and I can tell you from my experience you always will but I hope you will be able to feel her in your creativity, I feel my Nana when I am knitting as that was what she loved to do, she taught me when I was 6 and I knitted a dolly tea cosy but I soon forgot how to knit and it was only after my Mum had donated all of her yarn and needles to charity (as neither of us were knitters) that I decided I wanted to learn again and so I missed out on the opportunity to have her things, so please feel blessed that you have her wonderful things to add to your collections. I think making a blanket from the squares she started is a wonderful idea and I am sure she would love that you would be continuing with a project she had started, perhaps also make a random patchwork cushion cover from the test knitting pieces and have it in your craft room. You know your Nan will always be proud of you and what you make and this may be a slightly odd thing for me to say as we dont know each other that well but Im proud of you for the amazing things you have achieved with your Etsy store and your blogging etc, you inspire me to want to do better and be more crafty and if that inspiration and drive in you comes from your Nan, well, she was one amazing lady.

  2. Aww, Claire, what a lovely post. I can’t imagine how it must feel to lose your Nan – my Nan is my crafting inspiration and she’s always so proud of the things I make, even if I’m not. It’s so lovely that you’ve inherited her yarn stash, and I know you’ll treasure it dearly. Making a crochet blanket sounds like a wonderful idea. I hope you’re doing OK. Leanne xx

  3. I agree with Butterfly Crafts – it’s wonderful that you have her things to remember her by and I love the idea of the crochet blanket that she started with the squares! My Nanna died in October, and at the weekend my mum said she had something for me – when she came downstairs with an old cake tin I knew exactly what it was – her button stash! I remember being young and going through the tin, picking out the prettiest, shiniest buttons. It makes me so happy to have something that held so many happy memories.

  4. Those swatches and granny squares are calling out to become an heirloom blanket of some kind! all stitched together and then added to with your own work.

  5. That’s lovely Claire. Nannie was an inspiration to you and us all, her talents obviously live on in you. As much as I try, my standards in crafting never quite match up to Nannie’s! Using the samples in some way sounds like a good idea. She was so proud of you for what you are doing.
    Craft away to your hearts delight!! Mum xx

  6. This is a lovely post. Very heartfelt – the best kind i think 🙂 i agree with everyone else…do some sort of heirloom piece to treasure with the squares and swatches. And make it with your heart not your head in charge.

    I think we’ll look forward ro seeing what ideas you come up with….

  7. This is very moving Claire. I’m so glad you were so close to your Nan and I’m really sorry for your loss. I think she’d be very happy to see her stash get used by you for your own projects and maybe one day you’ll be handing your own stash down to grandkids too, like a family legacy x

  8. How special that you have inherited her love of knitting and crochet but also her stash too. She was likely keeping all those rolls and swatches for something important, perhaps hoping someone would keep her craft alive after she couldn’t keep up with it anymore. Thats where you come in! Can’t wait to see how you add to her great start. It will be a special creation.


  9. This was such a lovely post to read and it’s so special to have a shared love for something that you will continue and pass on, whether you will know it at the time or not. Enjoy using all those lovely colours – can’t wait to see what you do with them 🙂

  10. This was a really nice post. I definitely understand the relationship you had with your Nan because I think I have a similar one with mine. It’s incredibly sweet and lovely that you have all these little things to remember her and her life. I think making a blanket in her memory is a wonderful idea. xo

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