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Today I want to share a review of Pinfluence: Marketing Your Business With Pinterest, by marketing expert Beth Hayden. Reading biz books are always on the top of my to do list, but they forever get pushed back.  I originally wanted to publish this review in September!

The book was written in 2012 and provides a fairly up to date view of marketing using Pinterest. Split into 14 chapters, the book looks at getting started and making a profit via Pinterest.


If you have a small business or you write a blog, Pinterest has fast become one of the most invaluable, free tools to market with. Even if you are new to the site, this book provides a detailed step-by-step section on how to start and more importantly; WHY you should be pinning. Hayden highlights best practice right from the start.

Basic marketing principles are emphasised in the beginning chapters, such as how to profile your ideal customers and define a target audience. Being a bit of a marketing geek myself (I specialised in Marketing for my MA in Arts Management), I enjoyed the core techniques explained throughout the book.


The Pinning for Profits chapters really highlight the importance of Pinterest as a visual marketing tool. Hayden discusses the power of pictures to communicate your brand and playing the role of content provider for your audience.

Building trust with your customers (or blog followers) revolves around your brand communication and the book touches on original content generation. I’ve seen my DIY posts become the most popular posts on this blog and Pinterest has a lot to do with this. Simple techniques like including an image in every post and adding a “Pin It” button to your posts can easily extend your reach online.


The book shares tips and tricks to enable you to grow your Pinterest following organically and refers to bloggers and business throughout, making it a good handbook for a broad audience. There is a strong focus on “content marketing and curation” which encompasses the core values of Pinterest. She even compares the Pinterest process to museum curation, a fantastic analogy in my opinion.

Backed up with plenty of pinner examples, this easy read offers practical advice for getting the most out of your Pinterest time. Come on, admit it – we’ve all lost a few hours searching for Pins for the perfectly styled apartment or 100 ways to get stains out! Just me?!

One chapter talks about embracing the “social media chaos” which I can totally relate to! I’ve often felt overwhelmed with analysing Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Instagram posts, but Pinterest allows you to relinquish some control to you customers, providing a platform for content generation of their ideal lives.


Practical tips for integrating Pinterest with your current social media platforms are offered and Hayden only has one plug for her marketing consultancy throughout the entire book. Each chapter is ended with an action plan, with exercises to help shape your Pinterest and overall marketing strategy.

I was pleased to see some mention of traffic referrals and analytics as Pinterest accounts for around one third of all traffic to my blog (one third is search engines and the remainder Twitter, Facebook and other sites).

Helpful tips such as analysing which of your blog posts or which photos are pinned, gives an insight into the customer wants, needs and values. You can do this by entering as your URL (replacing the last part with your site address).


There is a ton more advice available in the book such as the benefits of building a community, guidelines on ethical use, suggestions for running Pinterest giveaways and how to feature guest pinners.

One problem with the book is whether it stands the test of time. New features such as secret boards have been added since the book was published and the ethics policies have changed slightly.

Overall, I would say this book is a fantastic practical guide for those wishing to take the plunge with Pinterest for their blog or business. An easy read, it provides even the most addicted Pinterest user with a new perspective on using it as a visual marketing tool.

As a thank you, I would like to gift the book to my number one commenter here on this blog. Thanks to Knitnrun4sanity who has commented on almost every single blog post I have written! I know Alice has not yet taken the plunge with Pinterest so I hope the book helps.

If you’d like to see what I get up to on Pinterest, you can follow my boards here. I’m always looking for new folk to follow, so please leave your links in the comments below!

I’ll be back next week with a sneak preview of the new Crafty Magazine as well as some photos from my Bonfire Night party. We have giant sparklers people!



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16 thoughts on “Pinfluence: Marketing Your Business With Pinterest

  1. Thank you for doing a fab book review! I love to use Pinterest as a great way to curate crafts I want to try or ones I have, things I want for my future house or craft room but am struggling with it from a marketing perspective. I have now just purchased the book! – you should be on a commission with Amazon!

  2. I really appreciate this review because I’m always wondering if books about social media will be outdated and irrelevant by the time I read them. It’s amazing to me that a year ago, I was skeptical about why anyone would want to go on Pinterest (I hadn’t tried it yet) but when I did, I couldn’t escape- I love it so! and, it’s prompted me to be even more creative in my own life- I love all the inspiration I get, and even inspired me to start my own blog too! wow!
    I would love people to check me out on pinterest too!
    or my blog:
    thanks again for the great post! and how sweet of you to recognize your loyal commenter!

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