Etsy Ambassador Programme

I am super proud to share with you all that I recently became an Etsy Ambassador!


This means that Etsy supports me in helping fellow creatives start their own Etsy stores. Now I know I’m no expert as Claireabellemakes has only been open for 18 months, but I have learnt heaps and I really want to share my knowledge and give tips for things I wish I had known in the early days.

My experience selling on Etsy has been nothing but positive. The resources available are endless and the staff are all so helpful and inspiring. The international reach means the potential is huge.


Etsy store: Diana Parkhouse

So today I want to share with you the Etsy stores of my fellow creatives who have taken the plunge and started to sell!

My gorgeous online blogging buddy Rhia has also opened an Etsy store named Handicrafts of Nnon selling hand stitched and crocheted items. Please take a look and favourite some of her items!

Handicrafts of Nnon

Lou has set up Butterfly Brain Gifts offering jewellery, home textiles, quirky gifts and unique memory keepsakes. There are some great things for Halloween in her store and I’m loving the idea of her dream jars.

Butterfly Brain Gifts

Sam, whom I’ve known online for a while now, has opened up a unique store named Pattern Piper CrochetMost items are made to order and include these beautiful personalised crochet cushions. I know she is working really hard on her store as well as juggling a new job, so please to take a look and support Sam if you can!

Pattern Piper

Continuing on the crochet theme, Brighton lifestyle blogger Lyndsay has opened Fizzy Peaches where you will find handmade knitted & crochet items such as cowls, scarves, gloves & hats as well as a baby section.

Fizzy Peaches

If you are quick, do visit Lyndsay’s blog as she is having a giveaway for a crochet cowl which ends today!

One of my biggest blog crushes Miss Jojangles has opened her Etsy store of the same name featuring illustrated and printed items. Jojo is working hard to include scrunchies and knitted items soon as well as her quirky phone cases. Very Laura Ashley-esque!

Miss Jojangles

Jojo also wrote a guest post for me a few months back – she’s a DIY queen and juggles it all with a job and studying at university.

There are some more stores in the pipeline from my creative friends including blogger Crafts by Mrs G and my creative migraine buddy Daisy. Please follow them and keep up to date with their progress!

If you are interested in becoming a seller on Etsy, please feel free to email me via You can also use my referral link for free listings – WINNER! (Note – this only works if you haven’t yet set up a store).

Please show these fantastic sellers some support and share your thoughts in the comments below.



NB: All images are courtesy of Etsy or the shops indicated. Please do not use without prior permission.

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19 thoughts on “Etsy Ambassador Programme

  1. Good for you supporting creative folk and new Etsy shops! I’m always on the lookout for brilliant UK shops to browse and buy from, so thank you for sharing – they all look great!

  2. Congrats Claire on being an Ambassador! I’ve set it before, but you’re really ace and you helped me tonnes in the beginning. So supportive 🙂

    This is a lovely piece on new starters and I wish them all the lucky! There’s a lovely birdy pin cushion that I love in amongst all of that handmade goodness and I look forward to seeing how they all get on!

    🙂 xx

  3. Oh congrats Claire!! You will be so good at this, I have watched you do so well, you see opportunities to grow everywhere and I know you have great advice to give! xx

  4. Thank you Claire for featuring my shop in this post. You’ve been so supportive in helping me set up my shop and very generous with your time. You’re a star and I feel very lucky to have you to call on x

  5. Congratulations on becoming an ambassador. All these people are lucky to have you. I have followed them all and favourited items. Particularly have my eye on a cowl scarf. I did notice one of the shops has their shop name right across the middle of the photos. Doesn’t this mean that they are unlikely to get in treasuries? At least that is what I have been told. What is your view on that?

    1. I think you are right, having text across photos will mean features/treasuries are less likely. However, I can understand why someone would wish to do this, as it can be a way of protecting your images. It’s swings and roundabouts!

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