Crafting With Nail Polish

I’ve decided that crafters have one craft product/tool they are fully addicted to. For me it’s spray paint. For some it’s the glue gun.

I’ve recently discovered that heaps of creative types are not just painting their nails with the latest Essie or Barry M colours, they are crafting with nail polish. Nifty.

Here are some fabulous DIY ideas for crafting with nail polish, all linked to the original tutorials for you to try!


DIY Geometric Stamped Cards by Mathilde Heart Manech


DIY Hardware Necklace by Thanks I Made It


Neon Shoes DIY by Love Maegan


DIY Vintage Inspired Baubles by Torie Jayne


DIY Marbling with Nail Polish by Design Mom

I’ll have to think of a nail polish craft to add to my DIYs here!

I hope you all have a super weekend. I’ll be back next week with photos from my crochet plants exhibition and some book reviews.



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7 thoughts on “Crafting With Nail Polish

  1. Yikes. I can’t believe those are done with Nail polish! I would never have thought. What a great way to use up varnish you don’t use on your hands anymore. And the selection of colour for nails is so awesome now that the possibilities are endless. Those shoes!!

  2. I am very proud to say that for once i am ahead of tbe game – i have painted glass with nail polish and i am sure that there is something else thst remains hidden….. Of course non of mine were as great as these!

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