DIY Gold Leather Leaf Keyring


Today’s Autumn craft is a DIY for a gold leather leaf keyring (sorry vegan readers!). It doesn’t take long to make at all and it’s pretty simple.

I love the texture of soft leathers and wanted to experiment with my newΒ craft addiction. GOLD PAINT.

Here’s what you will need. (I find my leather scraps at my local leather bag shop as they often give them out for free).



Start by drawing a leaf shape on the leather scrap.


Using a cutting board and craft knife, carefully cut out your leaf shape.


Paint your leaf with the gold acrylic paint. One coat was enough for me, but it depends what colour your leather is.

Using a cocktail stick or skewer, make a hole in the stalk part of the leaf shape.


Attach the jump ring and keyring attachment through the hole.


Using the craft knife, score veins along the leaf shape.


And you’re done!




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24 thoughts on “DIY Gold Leather Leaf Keyring

  1. I loved this! Kind of spoke to me as I have been doing nothing but filming gorgeous fall color here in New England. I think I will make some for the ladies in my beading group a pretty leaf be fore the snow falls thanks for getting me to put the CAMERA DOWN πŸ™‚

          1. Thanks and thanks again I needed something to get me motivated today and YOU were the one! Dishes done, blogs read, dressed and dog ready for a ride to Micheal’s with coupon in hand πŸ™‚

  2. What a lovely DIY idea! I love gold paint and fully condone your obsession. Also wow send me to that bag shop I’d love free leather scraps!! Suki x

  3. Wow, this looks lovely! Wish I had a local leather scrap shop! I didn’t know you could just paint on leather- such a good idea. Do you have to use a primer or base coat or can you just whack the paint straight on?

    1. I didn’t use any base coat or primer as I wanted the ‘grain’ of the leather to show through. It seems to have stayed gold and the acrylic painted on really well. Try and find a leather bag maker in your town and ask for scraps!x

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