Customised Bathroom Cabinet

Lately, I have been working on a big DIY project with my friend Jess to customise a bathroom cabinet as part of her entire house refurbishments. Jess and her fella have spent most weekends sanding, painting, tiling and knocking down walls.

We were firm study buddies when we were both studying for our Masters (her in Transport Planning and me in Arts Management), but now we have more exciting excuses to meet than academic deadlines and theses.

It’s been great having a project to work on together, as it has meant we got to meet up more often to CRAFT! Our initial research began with Pinterest, obvs.

Here’s our cabinet before we started…..(available here)

Bathstore Savoy Old English White Mirror Cabinet

To put our project into context, here are some pics of Jess and Ed’s bathroom renovations.

Bathroom DIY

The house is a lovely old terrace with lots of character (read gorgeous fireplaces), but it hadn’t been updated for a good 40 years.

We started by removing the door from the cabinet and lightly sanding the wood.

Customise a Bathroom Cabinet

Jess had a super idea of painting the inside of the cabinet door with blackboard paint so they can write messages to one another (I’m thinking “morning sleepy” or “wash your chops”).

Plastikote do a blackboard spray paint so we took to the garden one evening with some cake in hand and a spray can in the other.

Plastikote Chalkboard Spray Paint

We taped off the edges and sprayed light coats. It seemed a little uneven at first, but once the board was “chalked” (covering entirely with chalk and wiping off to prepare for writing), it evened out.

Chalkboard Spray Paint

The next idea we had was to look at how to frost a mirror. We found frosting spray paint (hurrah for Plastikote, I should totally be on commission) and got to work with a stencil.

Our test mirror came out perfectly, but the real mirror did not. CRAFT FAIL ALERT!

Jess worked hard with hot soapy water and a plastic knife to remove the smudgy frosting residue. We abandoned the frosting plan.

Frosted Stencilling on Mirrors

Next up was to paint. We taped Chevron patterns on the cabinet and gave the entire thing a coat of light grey. Jess is now an expert on paint shades so can probably elaborate on the exact colour.

This is where we learnt that pets and painting do not mix. We learnt a lot through this project.

Chevron Pattern Bathroom Cabinet

Once dry, the cabinet was reassembled and will soon be placed on the bathroom wall. Here is the final result!

repurpose-a-bathroom-cabinet Customise-a-bathroom-cabinet Bathroom-cabinet-DIY

What do you think? It doesn’t seem like we did much for the amount of time it took, but it was great fun and definitely kept us busy! Although factoring in paint drying time was a bit of a bore.

I’d love to know if you have been working on any home improvements. Let me know in the comments below.



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NB: I was sent the cabinet from Bathstore to customise and received no payment for this post.

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  1. Lovely idea, I made a chalk board for my craft fair last weekend and saved a fortune on black board paint by using B&Q Colours black paint. Two tester pots cost under £2.50! Result! Pics on my blog Samantha x

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