A Postcard from Cyprus

We took our summer holidays late this year (due to work commitments) and chose to revisit Cyprus as we always enjoy our time there.

A week in the sun was just what G and I needed. Here are a few snaps and thoughts on our trip.

Our home for the week…the flowers were incredible and the smell hit you as you walked around the resort.

Paphos Cyprus

Pafos Cyprus

Grapes in Cyprus

I tried scuba diving in a swimming pool because I am a massive wimp in the sea.

Scuba Diving Practice

A trip into the mountains…..with some stunning views.

Cyprus mountains

Cypriot Views


Cypriot Church

Cyprus Sunset Sunset on Paphos Beach Cyprus

I took some crafts with me and made progress on my crochet jumper from Simply Crochet issue 9.

Simply Crochet Cream Jumper

And I had to get some traditional lace which is “made by old ladies in the mountains” as the seller informed me. If I had more luggage allowance, I would have packed my case full of linens and embroidery, it was so pretty.

Cypriot Lace

I am relaxed and full of energy, let’s hope it lasts.

Claireabellemakes in Cyprus

Things I learned from this holiday:

  • Sea sickness is horrendous, even if you do see Dolphins
  • It’s a small world – seeing a friend from Cambridge City WI was brilliant
  • All you can eat Cypriot food is dangerously amazing
  • Scuba diving is much less frightening in a swimming pool
  • Aqua aerobics is a whole lot of fun
  • Migraine meds help me sleep through turbulence on a plane
  • Crochet creates a talking point and you never know who you will meet (Canadian upcycling hippie who told us tales of her life)
  • A Shirley Temple is my new favourite virgin cocktail
  • Cats are amazing in any country
  • I love Baklava

I hope you enjoyed my lovely guest bloggers in the meantime! If you missed them you can check out Miss Jojangles and Erica from Caught on a Whim via these links.



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  1. I know what you mean about diving! I practised in a pool for ages before I could get out in the sea. And even now, I’ve done the “taster session” about 3 times now – most people would have just taken the test already!

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