Migraine Awareness Week 2013

Today marks the start of Migraine Awareness Week (MAW). Every year The Migraine Trust promotes Migraine Awareness Week (1-7 September 2013) to raise general awareness of migraine as a serious public health issue.

As you may know, I have suffered from migraine attacks for around 15 or so years with the latter two years as a chronic migraine sufferer. I occasionally blog about my migraine experiences in the hope it will help others. The Migraine Trust are campaigning to encourage understanding that migraine is ‘more than just a headache’.

Migraine Awareness Week 2013 poster


I have found that my online migraine friends have offered a great deal of support, advice and understanding. In particular, Victoria of the Migraine Monologues is an advocate for migraine sufferers and I always learn something new from her posts.

So, whether you are a migraine sufferer or not, I urge you to take a look at the Migraine Monologues blog during MAW 2013 to learn something about the condition. Victoria will be posting each day throughout the week.

So far in 2013, I have lost 70 days to migraine. Knowing that others understand what I am going through is a great comfort.

You can find links to blogs and articles by using the hashtag #MigraineAW2013.



12 thoughts on “Migraine Awareness Week 2013

  1. That’s so tough, I used suffer terribly with migraines also. I haven’t had a single once since last December, when I turned vegan (it must have been the dairy that was a trigger for me) but it nearly ruined my Christmas. I still panic whenever someone uses a camera flash near me or the sun shines straight in my eyes. I hope you find a way to manage yours soon, I know how debilitating they are and how much they can take over your life. xx

  2. I get the occasional migraine – luckily been relatively free of them so far this year – so thanks for the pointer to the blog and hope you don’t lose too many more days to them this year.
    Jones x

  3. It’s really rubbish that they seem to be hounding you so much in recent years. I always find they turn up when I’m very busy so it always seems particularly cruel, and I know you’re a very busy lady too. Hope you’re having the real break you deserve. x

  4. That sound really tough, 70 days so far is an awfull lot! I send some good vibes your way and thank you for the links, I was eager to laern more about the condition!

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