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I was in the post office a while back and saw they were selling some postcards which I knew my blogger friend Jen would love. I immediately tweeted her a picture and we agreed to do a mail swap.

Oh I do love a blogger mail swap. We agreed that the parcels had to contain sweets! Here’s what Jen sent me….

How cute are these Hello Kitty greeting cards? The one on the right seems relevant for this week in the UK as we’ve had plenty of showers this past week.

Hello Kitty Greetings Cards

The orange packets were chocolate sticks (like Cadbury’s fingers) and Rockets are the Canadian equivalent of Fizzers in the UK.

Rockets Candy Sweets

I loved these Belly Flop jelly beans! They are basically the odd ones that didn’t shape properly, but they still taste awesome and sometimes I would get two that were stuck together, WIN. The Green Thumb candies were chewy and very tasty.

Belly Flops and Green Thumb Candy

No mail swap is complete without tea! Jen was an utter star and sent me maple and pumpkin spice tea, as well as some David’s Tea sachets. WOOP! They don’t deliver to the UK so I love getting some David’s Tea.

David's Tea

Here’s a little preview of the parcel I sent to Jen. You can see inside the package on Jen’s blog here!

Bloggers Mail Swap

Have you received anything exciting in the mail lately?



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8 thoughts on “Mailswap with Sparklegirl

  1. Hi Claire, I’ve received some exciting things in the post both today and also last Saturday – 2 wedding invites! I knew one was coming but the other was a lovely surprise! Now I just need to find my outfits so I can then make my jewellery to go with them….. (not to mention a hat or fascinator as I just love hats….!!)
    ps – how have the migraines been?

    1. Oh wedding invites are very exciting! I look forward to seeing your jewellery creations. You must have a hat of course!

      Migraines are as frequent but reduced in duration, so some improvement! Hope yours have been better x

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