My Migraine Month and little about Parkinson’s

Apologies for those of you expecting a crafty post – just a quick update on my migraine month and a little about Parkinson’s today.

July treated me more kindly and I had slightly fewer migraines. What made me feel happier is that I didn’t have the mega 6 day long attack which usually visits once a month.

August is so far so good, although another increase in the dosage of my daily meds left me exhausted for about 2 weeks. It’s slowly wearing off now and I’m hoping the week long attacks stay away. We’ll see.

Despite this, I have felt pretty sorry for myself as the day to day is still a struggle.

For the Migraine Monologues Book Club this month, we decided to watch Love and Other Drugs, a film about a young woman with early on-set Parkinson’s disease. It has been very interesting to look at another neurological disorder.


Today I spent the afternoon with my Grandad and his local Parkinson’s group for an afternoon tea boat trip on the river. What suprised me at first, is how big the group was. Not all could attend and it shocked me to think this many people in his local area all suffered with the disease (although some people were partners and carers).

However, it also made me feel so grateful for my Grandad. He has a community, friends, people to offer support. My Nan sadly passed away earlier this year and used to accompany him on these trips and events. It was bittersweet for me to attend in her place.

But there was cake and she would have not wanted cake to be wasted 🙂


The people in the group were amazing. Mostly in the later year’s of their lives, but all positive and vibrant, despite their varying levels of condition. We talked about families, the village I grew up in (where some of them were from), medication – whether they can have a glass of wine or not and how they often forget when to take them.

What I noticed about each and every person, is they all cared about one another. Having such a magnificent support network kept them positive. They helped each other with tea, sandwiches and toilet trips and talked about their regular meetings and events with excitement. My Grandad is very fond of the movement to music classes having been a competition winning ballroom dancer in his earlier years.

It reminded me that I am SO grateful for my online support network of chronic migraine friends and made me wish that we could all meet for a boat trip of our very own.

I gave Grandad his belated birthday gift which he was delighted with and held up to the boat window when anyone waved from the river bank! His doctor had asked if he had thick bottomed whisky glasses so he wouldn’t spill it with his shakes!


I feel so lucky to have such wonderful family members who never fail to lift my spirits in difficult times, even when they are struggling too.

What a humbling day I’ve had.

For more information on Parkinson’s UK please visit their website and consider making a donation.



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13 thoughts on “My Migraine Month and little about Parkinson’s

  1. What a lovely thought-provoking post. My last grandparent – my granny – died last year and it’s so sad to say goodbye to her and that connection with a generation.

    Hope your med dosage helps over the coming month.

  2. aww your grandad looks so happy! Sounds like such a lovely day so glad you got to go and enjoy it xx Keep your chin up sweetie, it is still early days with your meds and while you can still have days like this one cherish them and use them to look back on during the hard times xx

  3. I really enjoyed this post Claire. I took part in a charity walk in aid of Parkinson’s last year and found all the sufferers to be such positive people. My friend’s mum has it and has baffled her doctors with how slowly the condition is progressing. She puts it all down to going gluten-free and spending a couple of hours a day on the Wii Fit! Glad you had such a lovely day with your grandad and that your migraine month has been a little better. x

  4. What an inspirational post. I never realised the full extent of Parkinson’s and similar diseases and just how many people are effected by it until i worked in a pharmacy doing the medication for nursing homes. It’s great to see such a supportive group for not only those effected but additionally for the family.

  5. Such a sweet grandad!

    I hope your migranes get better soon. I found that mine are very much related to cheese – we found some slices of chedder here in Frankfurt and my boyfriend made me one slice of cheese on toast with it, and I had a migrane for over 24 hours. It’s ridiculous.

  6. Oh Claire. I’m actually crying at this. What a humbling story; and your Granddad looks like the loveliest, happiest person. I’m so sorry about your Grandma. xxx

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