Wooden Scrabble Tile Word Brooches

The Wooden Scrabble Tile Word Brooches have arrived in my Etsy store! If you are a Scrabble fan or even just a word geek, I hope you will love them!

Initially, five word designs will be available, but I will also be accepting custom orders for 3 letter words or names. Brooches are £7.00 plus £1 for postage and packaging.

To my surprise, a TEA Brooch sold tonight! *Happy dance*

Wooden Scrabble Word Brooches

I want to thank all of you who took part in my giveaway and survey to determine which were the best phrases for the Scrabble brooch pins. It’s so valuable to have your feedback on what to create and I had a real giggle at some of your suggestions.

What do you think? And which phrase would you wear? I can’t decide on my favourite….



This week I was also lucky enough to get some great feedback from my customers including a lovely feature on the Duck In a Dress blog. Thanks Louisa!

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