Geek Crochet – Amigurumi R2-D2

Amigurumi Crochet R2-D2

This week has been super busy trying to work through my list of commissions aside from my Etsy store. However, I’ve been happy to indulge in some geek crochet to make this Amigurumi R2-D2 Star Wars character!

G’s friend at work has been helping him learn French on their tea breaks and he wanted to give her a little gift to say thanks as she is leaving to go home to France soon. He knew she collected figures and asked if I could crochet an amigurumi R2-D2 figure.

Challenge accepted! He wanted to be involved so helped out with the stitching details.

Crocheting an amigurumi R2-D2

We were pretty pleased with the results! What do you think? Since I’ve now watched Star Wars (as part of our “cultural exchange” where we enjoy each others interests) I know what he should look like.

Star Wars Amigurumi Crochet Figure R2-D2

I used DK acrylic yarn and got the pattern from this awesome Etsy Seller. She does a deal on the patterns so I also got the crochet Yoda pattern. I’d love to see any geek crochet you guys have tried!

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19 thoughts on “Geek Crochet – Amigurumi R2-D2

  1. OMG!!!! I love this!!!!!! It’s so so cute. I must get better at crochet so that I can so one of these. Well done you!

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