Claireabellemakes Customer Photos

I’m feeling super grateful this month. Not only have my Etsy sales soared since the launch of the Bicycle Bracelets, but my customers have been utterly amazing and so supportive.

Claireabellemakes Customer Photos

The images above are a collection of customer photos, all sent to me to show their appreciation for a Claireabellemakes purchase. To say it gives me the warm fuzzies is an understatement. I love the fact that Twitter and Instagram have given us all an instant way to show our appreciation for handmade.

So to say “THANKS!” to you guys for continuing to support my journey, I’m offering you all 10% off in my Etsy Store using the coupon code THANKS.

I’ve now also listed the Birdie Necklaces that have been very popular on Instagram.

Birdie Necklace by Claireabellemakes
Birdie Necklace



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