Stationery and Correspondence

Today I want to share with you some of my stationery and correspondence supplies.

I need some time to catch up on my letter writing, so I have an excuse to use all these lovely supplies. As much as I love email, Twitter and all that jazz, you can’t beat sending and receiving letters.

Paperchase writing set

Writing Set – Paperchase

Stamps and Ink Pad Set

Stamp & Ink set – gift / Post mark stamp – Hobbycraft

Diplomat Fountain Pen

Diplomat Fountain Pen – The Pen Company

Fountain Pen from Pen Company

I love the gold nib and how the flower detail from the lid is repeated on it! I think a fountain pen is a must for writing letters and this one is just right for me; lightweight but sleek.

Canadian Handcarved Letter Opener

Hand carved letter opener – gift

Bakers Twine and Washi Tape

Bakers Twine – Jo and Flo on Etsy /  Washi tape –

I’ll be sending out some #PostCircle letters this week and a couple of packages to Canada with some handmade gifts and lots of Bicycle Bracelet orders!

Which item here is your favourite?


Disclosure: The Pen Company sent me the fountain pen to review. All opinions are my own.

23 thoughts on “Stationery and Correspondence

  1. Oh wow, I love these! Especially the Paperchase set! I need to get some new stationary…I’m running low and I need to send some #Postcircle letters! The one I sent was received but the return mail was lost in the post so I’ve still not received anything yet 🙁 time to get writing!

      1. I just got it! I’ve sent off an email! Haha I know…just my luck! I have a stack of letters ready to post out again so hopefully I’ll have more luck this time!

  2. Ooooh some lovely juicy supplies you’ve found there! Alas, I cannot be trusted with a fountain pen, my school days were marred by stained shirts and fingers :/ Ha! xx

  3. I’m a big pen pal writer, love the stationary you’ve found. I’ve recently got into stamping, i’d stamp the kids if they stayed still long enough! x

  4. I love the paper and your pen – can’t decide on a favourite. I have some pretty writing paper from Sukie and Co who have lovely quirky designs and lots of letters to write so I better get on with it. Karen x

  5. That’s all so pretty! I wish I had the time/motivation to write letters more. In Japan they sold the most gorgeous letter writing sets. My Canadian friend who now lives in Korea and I send each other postcards from time to time but that’s all, really.

  6. I have a special fountain pen that was a 21st birthday present and it’s just lovely to write with – I sign all my button tags with it. Enjoy writing your #PostCircle letters! X

  7. That paperchase paper set is lovely. And the Pen Company fountain pen has just reminded me of a family ritual. My grandmother used to buy me a lovle writing implement every start of school year. I still have them, and they’re cherished as they remind me of how important education is. My grandmother was very clever, but wasn’t allowed by her stepmum to carry on her school education. Thanks for the post.

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