Screen Printing for Beginners

This weekend I put on a paint covered apron and went to a Screen Printing for Beginners day course with Collette, aka Crafty Glitten. We were super excited.

Screen printing often uses a woven silk screen to support an ink-blocking stencil to receive a desired image. Our tutor Clive, was brilliant and introduced the techniques at a good pace. We started with basic paper printing, using our own stencils. 

Screen Printing Stencils

The silk screens we used were basic, but worked well for learning the skills. Using the squeegee was fun and I’m all for a craft which uses paint and makes a mess!

Silk Screen Printing

We learnt more screen printing techniques as the day progressed, mastering registration (multiple layers of colour on one image) using acetate. This useful 3 part blog post from Print Cut Sew explains how to master screen printing registration.

There was plenty of washing of the screen throughout the day and we made sure to use an extender to dilute the ink to the correct consistency. Blending colours and using fountain techniques also followed.

Screen Printing Class

Here are my screen prints from the class. You can tell I’m not very good at drawing right?! Basic shapes worked for me. Collette made an awesome layered print of a sperm whale.

Screen Printed Love on Paper

Screen Printing Blending on Paper

Screen Printed Blended Flower on Paper

I had taken a plain tote bag to screen print onto, hoping that we would learn techniques for printing on fabric as well as paper. I decide to sketch a bicycle (thanks google image search)  and print that onto my bag – predictable much?!

Screen Printed Bicycle Tote Bag

We came away from the class having learnt a whole heap of screen printing skills and even more excited about continuing the craft at home. Our tutor Clive directed us to plenty of resources to find out more, one of which is Catspit Productions on You Tube.

Have you ever tried screen printing?


19 thoughts on “Screen Printing for Beginners

  1. Monoprinting is brilliant. I just gave it a go myself a couple of years ago with some glass from a picture frame and a rolling pin. You can get really interesting effects without huge amounts of skill. Good luck with it!

  2. Love your bag. I remember doing this at school and I loved it. I have a lovely printing book bought from Amazon about printing from nature which I use with my youngest son. Glad you had a lovely day hopefully free from headache too. Karen x

  3. How fab is the word “squeegee!” Screen printing is so much fun, I spent most of my degree inked up, printing fabric…. sigh, those were the days 🙂 I love your bicycle print in particular, simple and effective! xx

  4. I’ve never tried screen printing but would love to have a go! It looks like you learnt lots in a day. I love your bicycle printed bag. Em xx

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