My Migraine Month – May and June

I’ve been a bit quiet online this week due to the dreaded M.

In May, I mostly looked like this (although with less winter attire and a few more grey hairs!). It was nice and I felt some hope that new meds were working.


In June, I mostly looked like this. Unkempt with a droopy left eye and no make up. My migraine face.

Top right was this week (it’s been shocking) and bottom left was a 6 day epic, painful attack. During a migraine attack is usually the only time I will take a ‘selfie’.

Migraine Face

Obviously, I didn’t look like the bottom right picture as I’m not a chalkboard. G had left me a message during one migraine attack where I couldn’t feel my face. I love him.

So it’s been up and down. I do find it cathartic to share my migraine experiences and to let people know that bloggers lives aren’t perfect. I was inspired by this post – What Does A Migraine Look Like? If you are a migraine sufferer please take a look at Victoria’s blog.

Sometimes it’s too much to put on a brave face. Sometimes it’s OK and I can function through a day of work in a haze, just doing enough to get by. Today I feel a bit silly for sharing myself looking my absolute worst, but part of me doesn’t care.

I hope you have all had a good month and you are happy, healthy and well.

Onwards and upwards eh! I’ll be back tomorrow with a cheerier post I promise. It includes pretty bracelets and news of a giveaway.


32 thoughts on “My Migraine Month – May and June

  1. I have such sympathy for you Claire, migraines really are terrible things. I used to get them quite a lot as a teen/child but have been fortunate and found they have become less and less frequent as I’ve grown up. I hope your’s get easier/you find something that works for you. x

  2. After being knocked out Sunday afternoon and most of Monday with a migraine, I realised it’s cheese that causes mine. I don’t usually take meds for mine and try to sleep it off but maybe I should consider some. Thanks for the linkie – I’ll check her out! Hope you feel better <3

  3. Never feel silly for sharing x I have a lot pics that I have taken at my worst over the years sometimes i think its a good thing to do and you are very brave for sharing them xx hope this spell dries up for you soon xx

  4. Hi, as someone who just spent the weekend in hospital with a migraine you have my deepest sympathies. Hope you’re back to normal soon and we see more of your beautiful bracelets. Best wishes. Andy
    (Thanks for the link to Victoria’s blog btw, hadn’t come across that before!).

  5. Hope you feel better soon Claire, I can’t imagine how it feels but know what it does to people as Simon still suffers bad with them 🙁 take care xx

    1. Unfortunately it is a genetic condition so it makes me sad that we all suffer in the family. What makes it better though is to have loved ones supporting us, so I am sure he appreciates you a lot xx

  6. Claire – how awful. I think it is so amazing that you are happy to share your experiences. We are all ‘real’ and real things happen all the time. I hope they start to ease for you soon. My sister suffers intermittently with the same. I cant profess to feel your pain but I do sympathise with the effect they have.

    Hope you feel better soon – sending happy thoughts!!!

    Ps- AMAZING bf xxx

    1. Thanks for your thoughts! I think it is important to share. If it wasn’t for other people doing the same, I wouldn’t have felt so supported.

      G is bloody fantastic. It must be so boring having a girlfriend who constantly feels bad and he knows just what to do 🙂


  7. I wish I could make them disappear for you. Its time a proper cure was found with all our advances in medical science. My friend has started wearing a migraine cap ( looks very funny) but its too early to tell if it helps. Looking forward to seeing your bracelets and hope you feel much better very soon. Karen x

    1. It’s such an odd illness I can understand why it takes so long to find a cure, but it is very frustrating. I haven’t heard of a migraine cap, will look into that.

      Thanks for your comment Karen, much appreciated. x

  8. I’m sorry you suffer so terribly. I am the same way. When we were stationed in Canada I think the house had mold and I would have a headache/migraine almost everyday. Since we moved into our forever home…the only time I suffer is when the fronts move in. The past few weeks in NNY we have had a lot of fronts.

    Feel better!!! Us migraine suffers must stick together 🙂

    1. That is interesting that the mold seemed to affect your migraines. Our weather has been odd here this summer with muggy days then cold the next. I think that has really not helped me this month.

      I hope you have a migraine free weekend x

  9. O you poor thing. Headaches really drain me and only occasionally I have a full blown migraine so I have loads of sympathy for you suffering so much. Hope you feel better soon and enjoy a long spell without another one:)

  10. Oh Claire, thank you so much for doing this amazing post! It’s so interesting to see what our faces look like during/before/after a migraine. My mum spotted it first years ago about my left eye starting to shut slightly before a migraine – so taking pics ourselves to ‘see’ is so useful and important for others. You’re still lovely migraine or not though! xx

    1. Thank YOU for inspiring me to post this. I ummed and aahed about whether to do it, but I am glad I did. I hope it helps others. My left eye is less droopy today thanks to the triptan I took this morning. I hope you are well x.

  11. Claire I can only empathise with you…..I too get the drooping eye and numb face.
    It’s an awful thing to experience but I’m really reassured to read about your experience and know I’m not alone. Especially in experiencing attacks which last as long.
    Thank you for being brave enough to share your experience.

    1. I am so pleased to hear that my sharing has made you feel reassured. I can’t tell you how much online migraine buddies have helped me. It’s just a great comfort knowing there is someone else who knows exactly how you feel. Wishing you a happy migraine free weekend! x

  12. Hi Claire, thanks for sharing your experiences with the dreaded M! I am currently lying in bed full of Triptan and ibuprofen, at the end of my first of 2 weeks leave and suffering my 5th migraine of the week. Why, when I’m on leave do I always get a batch? Got so much I want to do, and can’t. Sucks is an understatement!

  13. Wow, God I hope they aren’t too frequent and all my regards when the next one hits, actually I hope there isn’t a next one! I still haven’y worked out the triggers of mine but I’d only get a handful a year so I can’t complain to much. I don’t know if its a cause or a symptom but my body temp drops when I have a migraine while my head is roasting, I’ll be under the quilt for hours and it will be as cold as when I got in! I have to either hug up to my bf for a few hours to steal his body heat or run a warm bath but that tends not to be the easiest when on your hand and knees and you can’t lift your head! Probably not the same as yours but I hope it helps even a little or someone similar. =]

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