Cambridge Satchel Company – Cambridge Store Opens!

I’ve had a fairly quiet weekend following a mental couple of weeks at work, so G and I headed to town yesterday to have our usual coffee date and a mooch around. Decaf for me of course.

Whilst in town I could feel myself being drawn to the colourful goodness of the Cambridge Satchel Company Store which opened on Rose Crescent on Saturday! To say I was a wee bit excited was an understatement. It was glorious.

Starbucks and Cambridge Satchel Company Neon Satchel

For the opening they had neon bicycle cupcakes to match the satchels of course, and champagne and chocolates aplenty. We avoided these for the sake of weight watchers points and had a lovely chat with the embossing guy as he personalised two newly purchased satchels.

Cambridge Satchel Company Cambridge Store

I swooned over the Chelsea Collection for a good while, especially the beautiful mint one. G made a mental note and mentioned birthdays etc……it’s the big 3-0 this year so maybe a minty satchel could be mine *dreams*.

Cambridge Satchel Company Mint Satchel

The shop is light and fresh and stocks a whole range of colours including my classic red batchel. Staff were friendly and welcoming.

The Cambridge Satchel Company New Store Cambridge

G and I talked about the Cambridge Satchel Company journey and how it went from small business to huge business. If you’re not aware of the story, check out this video – inspiring stuff. It’s great to see how bloggers have played a part in the success of the company.

We did some more shopping in Molton Brown and then headed home for email catch ups and tidying. I’m loving having a desk now in my new craft room which displays these beautiful Protea I got from my work colleagues.

Protea Flower

What did you guys get up to this weekend?


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12 thoughts on “Cambridge Satchel Company – Cambridge Store Opens!

  1. I had better tell my 14yo that they’re in Cambridge now – she LOVES her Cambridge satchel (she’s got a brown one at the moment but I think if she had the money, she’d have one in every colour available).

  2. I am loving the minty green one too, saving my pennies hard! My weekend was taken up with a craft fair yesterday that I organised, it was exhausting and am suffering today but I was pleased with how it came out overall

  3. I think their bags are so cute- how fun that you got to the actual store! I have my eye on the mint satchel as well 🙂

  4. I really like those bags, especially the purple ones! The cupcakes are cool too 🙂
    My weekend was quiet, I had a driving lesson, did a bit of shopping and sewing too.

  5. I love the mint satchel, it’s the perfect shade! I was married in Maui and love your proteas, they remind me of Hawaii!

    xo jen

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