Instalife: Yay May

May has been good to me. I had a better time with my migraines (fingers crossed the new meds are working) and the sun made an appearance in Cambridge, brightening a few days. Here are my instagram snaps for the month.

Spring In Cambridge

Taking my pom pom clad bike out / Passing tulip covered greens on the way to work

Indulging in a round of golf with G / Amazing Wisteria on a thatched cottage in town

Claireabellemakes Craft Room

Hard work on the craft room makeover / Getting over excited about pastel sharpies

Finally finishing the Granny Square Blanket / Tammy enjoying the craft space

Claireabellemakes Instalife May

The Rainbow Cake I made for my sister / Trying my first bubble tea

Throwing G an Ice Cream Party for his birthday / Cat In a Bag

Claireabellemakes Shop

Wearing my hand stamped star ring / Launching my new cufflink line

Starting a mailing list for Claireabellemakes / My name necklace from Finest Imaginary

What did you guys get up to in May? You can follow me on Instagram here.


7 thoughts on “Instalife: Yay May

  1. I’ve been getting over-excited about pastel Bics lately. Something so refreshing about something familiar in pastel colours! X

  2. So glad to hear you’ve been having fewer migraines. I’ll be keeping everything crossed that your meds continue to kick ass. xxx

  3. I’m glad you’re having a better month with your migraines – it looks like its been a fun one! I love the rainbow cake – I’ve always wanted to try one of those out. Wishing you a lovely June too. Em xx

  4. Hope the migraines are lessening permanently. I had one yesterday and its so depressing to lose another day. I only discovered your lovely blog yesterday evening and have read all your posts which have cheered me up and reminded me I’m not the only one and we have so many things in common. My son made a rainbow cake for his girlfriends birthday – he’s made all our birthday cakes since he was 12. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Karen x

    1. Hi Karen, Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog, it means a lot! I’m sorry to hear you also suffer with migraines. I had a bad week with them this week, but hey-ho!

      Claire x

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