My Craft Room – Up Close

Yesterday I shared my Craft Room Makeover as part of the Room For Improvement challenge. Today I want to show you some details in my craft room that you creative types might enjoy!

Claireabellemakes Craft Room Yarn

Cotton yarn spools from Texere and yarn in basket from Yves Town and Debbie Bliss.

Homemade candles from old wax using this tutorial.

Fabric flower pots (storage for scissors) made here and pin cushion kilner jar made here.

Claireabellemakes Craft Room Trinkets

Georgina Giles Mini Monster and upcycled yarn wrapped jar made here.

My Great Grandmother’s button tin, filled with vintage buttons, some almost 100 years old.

Claireabellemakes Craft Room Pin Cushion

My Nan’s pin cushion – brings back a lot of memories standing for fittings.

Bookcase with hand illustrated hanging heart decoration by Harriet Gray and ‘Giant Mug’ by Hook Line and Sink Her.

Claireabellemakes Craft Room Makeover Curtains

Custom Hand painted bicycle button by Miss Beatrix and a heart garland made here.

Claireabellemakes Craft Room Doorstop and Hanger

Love this door hanger I received from a friend and the doorstop was made here.

Claireabellemakes Craft Room Chalkboard

An old photo of G and I on holidays and that plant I will keep alive.


19 thoughts on “My Craft Room – Up Close

  1. Some lovely ideas Claire, I badly need to sort my room out and this shows how much can be done on a small budget! Ooo and I noticed on your bookcase you have the same cat ring holder as me 🙂

  2. It’s wonderful! You have surrounded yourself with some lovely things – love the button tin and Beatrix Potter button – it wouldn’t be right for you not to have something bicycle related in there! x

  3. I love that your craft room is made up of actual craft projects being put to good use. And your great grandmother’s button tin is gorgeous. x

  4. Oh I LOVE your craft room! I’m actually doing a month of ‘other people’s houses’ themed posts on the blog in June – can I link to your post? Loving all the handmade items 🙂

  5. Oh, gosh, the quote about a creative mess is so true. Sometimes my craft room gets to looking so wild! I almost think it’s easier to get crafty in a messy space… (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!) 😉

  6. Its perfect! I love makeover posts, particularly these small details. I can’t believe what you achieved with your budget! My craft room is so small its permanently cluttered and I find I rarely ‘craft’ in there – I’ve been inspired. Em xx

  7. What a gorgeous craft room you have! I am just revamping mine and this is great for inspiration. Like others, your great grandmother’s button tin is what I like the most. I’d love to see the treasures that it holds sometime! Great to see you at WI yesterday. Sophie x

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