Claireabellemakes Craft Room Makeover

A few weeks back, the lovely people at Money Supermarket contacted me to see if I would be willing to take part in their Room For Improvement. challenge to makeover a room in my house for just £50. I like to think I’m pretty thrifty and creative, so I decided to do it.

I’ve wanted to spruce up my Craft Room for a while now as it looked drab and uninspiring. Be warned, this is a picture heavy post, but I hope you will enjoy it.

The Craft Room housed our (horrid yellow) futon mattress, a stool acting as a little table and loads of craft stuff in various bags and boxes.

Claireabellemakes Craft Room Before

I had managed to get this tray storage unit for free a while back, as my work were throwing it out. Useful but ugly and very much like school classroom trays. I had one magazine rack and the rest were crammed in the corner amongst other things.

The small brown boxes on the floor would soon solve the magazine problem…

Claireabellemakes Craft Room Storage

Claireabellemakes Craft Room Before Bookshelf

Now coming the ‘during’ shots. I wanted a table to sew and make accessories on so I scoured Gumtree and eBay and found this solid wooden one for £10. I searched for local sellers as I don’t have a car and a kind man delivered.

He was not so kind for bringing about a billion spiders with the table!! After G had saved me from the creepy crawly invasion, I washed, sanded and painted it with some leftovers our decorator left from the recent paint job on our house.

Claireabellemakes Craft Room Table

Then the brown boxes saw a little craft knife action (after Tammy had done helping) and became magazine holders to be spray painted later.

Claireabellemakes Craft Room Magazine Rack

A chalkboard from Poundland got the washi tape treatment to tie in with the pale blue theme I had in mind for the room.

Claireabellemakes Craft Room Chalkboard

I spent hours spray painting wicker baskets in the garden, but failed to take before or during shots of these oops! The baskets were free as I’d been saving them each Christmas from the hamper G gets from work.

I also spray painted this sewing spool holder so it stood out more.

Claireabellemakes Craft Room Sewing Spool Holder

The horrid red drawers needed a pretty curtain to hide behind, so my Mum’s hubby fitted a rail for me from supplies he already had. I stitched a quick slide along curtain.

Claireabellemakes Craft Room Drawer Unit

I decided to also make curtains for the window, but Tammy was not happy about me taking the old ones down and promptly sat on them. Next, I whipped up a crochet doily to sit underneath a plant pot.

Claireabellemakes Craft Room Crochet Doily

Are you ready for the after shots?!!!! TA DA!!

The stool acting as a table also got painted and the Fabric Notice Board I made with my sister was finally hung.

Claireabellemakes Craft Room Sewing Table

I spray painted a letter rack I had already to hold all my Post Circle mail, important letters, new pastel sharpies and my hand embroidered WI badge.

Claireabellemakes Craft Room Fabric Noticeboard

Rachel and Harriet convinced me that I could keep a succulent alive (I always kill house plants) so I got this baby from Aldi!

Claireabellemakes Craft Room Desk

My spray painting marathon turned brown wicker baskets cream and blue to hold all my yarn, washi tapes and notebooks.

Claireabellemakes Craft Room Baskets

The bookshelf area hasn’t changed much, except the spray painted boxes-now-magazine racks are housed on top and I have hung the “Dream” sign my Nan gave me.

Claireabellemakes Craft Room After Bookshelf

I covered the nasty yellow futon with a cream throw I already had (you can see it in the first shot) and Tammy seemed to love that and curled up immediately. I hung some bunting I received in a craft swap and added my Granny Squares Blanket.

The majority of my budget went on fabric for curtains because I wanted Clarke and Clarke Dotty. I think it was worth it as it really changes the room and I was chuffed to find it for £7.99 a metre on eBay, Bargain!

I painted the tray storage so it matched the table and stool and switched around the layout of the room.


Claireabellemakes Craft Room Before

Claireabellemakes Craft Room Makeover

I managed to stretch the budget and tried to make the most of what I already had. I do enjoy finding ways to make something old look totally new and I think I achieved that.

It’s definitely more organised so I hope I can be a tidy crafter now!

Here’s my spend for the challenge:

  • Wooden Table from eBay – £10
  • Clarke and Clarke Curtain Fabric – £27.45 with postage from eBay
  • Plastikote Spray Paint (Cream) – £7.99 from Hobbycraft, already had the blue
  • Cream Paint – already had
  • Storage unit curtain fabric – already had
  • Wicker Baskets – already had
  • Small brown boxes – already had
  • Succulent Plant & Pot – £2.99 from Aldi
  • Chalkboard – £1 from Poundland

Total Spend: £49.43

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing some more details of my craft space up close, so don’t forget to come back! Sorry for going on about it, but it was a lot of hard work!


58 thoughts on “Claireabellemakes Craft Room Makeover

  1. It looks fantastic, well done you! So lovely and fresh, and it was fun to see Tammy helping out. I love how pets sit on things they have strong opinions about! Your bike button goes well with your notice board too, may have to use that as a marketing ploy – “It’ll go well with your craft room!”

  2. It looks lovely now and hopefully it will inspire you too! I love tidying my craft space, probably spend too much time on it! I’ve picked up some great ideas from this post, well done for staying under budget! Cath

  3. Wow, this is AMAZING Claire!!! Very impressive and inspirational! The Mr and I are currently in the process of buying our first house. I cannot wait to get decorating. Think I’ll definitely be giving this challenge a go on each room. It will certainly save much needed pennies!
    Joanna 🙂 x

  4. Wow that is amazing!

    So simple yet incredibly effective.

    I love the curtain on your draws and the pale blue theme. Xx

  5. I recognise a certain cushion 😉 Would you believe I’ve still not finished my own?! Room looks amazing by the way – cosy, light, inspiring.

  6. I love room makeovers and this one is fab and full of inspiration! I am making/upcycling lots of things for the home at the moment. I’m nervous about making curtains for the first time…! Anyway your craft room looks gorgeous, great job!

      1. Ok I think you just cemented my decision to buy it! Even though my husband says I shouldn’t buy any more craft books until I get my own craft space sorted (I’m converting part of our study/spare room) I need to get the boys’ curtains finished before I can move onto the craft room so I think the purchase is justified! I admit I’m a bit addicted… !

  7. This looks so great. Your before picture is not very dissimilar to how my spare room looks at the moment. You have inspired me to keep on scouring ebay for a desk to transform (they always come up right at the end of the month when pennies are tight!). Thank you 🙂

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