Rainbow Cake

Hello! I hope you are all enjoying the long holiday weekend, both in the UK and US.

I spent Saturday with family celebrating my sister’s birthday this coming week. I really wanted to spoil her as she has had a tough few months, so I got her some gifts I knew she really wanted and decided to make a Rainbow Cake.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine made one for a party and I knew I had to find an excuse to make a rainbow cake, so I though I’d make one for Em and get the kids hyper on food colouring whilst I was at it 😉

Rainbow Layered Birthday Cake

I used the BBC Good Food Rainbow Cake recipe and decorated the top with hundreds and thousands and birthday candles. Em was impressed I think.

The fun thing about this cake, is you have no idea if it has worked until you cut it. Queue nerves and suspense…..TA DA! You could almost smell the e-numbers.

Rainbow Sponge Cake

I made sure to use colouring pastes as the usual supermaket liquids just don’t cut it. I got mine from this eBay seller. I was so pleased with the result! The icing is cream cheese frosting.

Rainbow Birthday Cake

The kids loved it and went back for second helpings (we all did after a rest!). There was so much leftover I had to take it round to my neighbours and share out. It’s a MASSIVE cake.

Rainbow Birthday Sponge Cake

Rainbow Layered Sponge Cake

I think Em had a good day and I was so grateful that Em, Mum and her husband did my gardening. They all love it and I despise gardening! G feels the same and we agreed that we should continue to pay our gardener to come over – he’s called Michael Douglas ha!

I just realised that every time I share a picture of myself, I seem to have no make up on.

Claire and Em

I spent the rest of my weekend working on my Craft Room Makeover (more on this soon I promise) and playing golf with G. We haven’t played for ages because of the awful British Spring weather!

What did you all get up to?


P.S. If you are local to Cambridge and love colour and yarn, get yourself down to my LYS The Sheep Shop on Tuesday, for the Sparkleduck Trunk Show. The yarns are by Cambridge-based indie dyer Heather and are LUSH. More Info here.

23 thoughts on “Rainbow Cake

  1. Wow that cake looks AMAZING! Great photos Claire and the one of you and your sister is lovely! You don’t need make up m’dear! Can’t wait to see your craft room makeover! 🙂 x

  2. The cake is brilliant! I saw your tweet about sharing it with the neighbours- I’ve never wanted to live in Cambridge more! 🙂 Your gardener sounds amazing. I’m completely with you on the hatred of horticulture. I might get a gardener too. And a cleaner. And someone to (un)load the dishwasher. Hmmm… xxx

    1. We will have to arrange a meet up and cake scoff one day! Michael Douglas is brilliant. He’s a retired man who likes to play golf and he brings his wife for a cup of tea and a natter when he gardens at our house 🙂

  3. This is just beautiful! What a wonderful surprise it would be for the unsuspecting guests to be handed such a wonderfully surprising colorful slice of cake! And, a food coloring high sounds good to me!

  4. Bit behind as usual on blog reading – but don’t you look like your sister! Brilliant cake, may have to try that for a birthday one day…

      1. Yes, specially in that last one! I went back to your post to make sure I hadn’t misread it and she wasn’t your sister-in-law instead of your sister 😉

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