Crafty Magazine Issue 3

UPDATE:  Crafty Magazine is no longer in print.

Happy Monday! Well there is lots for me to be cheery about this week despite the weather – I’m working on my craft room makeover (more on this soon), the bank holiday is one week away and issue 3 of Crafty Magazine is out this Thursday.

Crafty Magazine Issue 3 coverI’ve managed to get a sneak peek into the issue to share with you guys. Just look at that cover with the gorgeous paper lanterns!

Crafty Magazine Issue 3 On-the-Tweed-Run

And I just HAD to share this bike image – those wheel decorations! You can be in with a chance of winning this State Bicycle Co fixie worth £400. Just grab a copy of the mag to find out more.

I totally don’t look that glamourous on my bike. I’m usually windswept and soggy.

Crafty Magazine Issue 3 Artist-Torie-Wilkinson's-thimble-collection

These thimbles remind me of my Nan’s collection. Issue 3 lets us have a look inside this vintage collection by Torie Wilkinson.

Crafty Magazine Issue 3 Tepee-by-Sam-Sterken

Is it sad that I want to make this Tepee for my cat?! Crazy cat lady alert.

Crafty Magazine Issue 3 Crochet-camp-chair-by-Helen-Woodward

Helen Woodward shares this crochet camper chair, which makes me want to hook up a chevron pattern for all the chairs.

I’m pretty excited about this issue. I’ve grown a little tired of the repeated format of some craft magazines out there at the moment, so Crafty Magazine will be in my shopping basket this weekend for sure.

You can follow Crafty Magazine on Twitter for more news and read my review of issue 1 here.

Which magazines do you buy? I’d love to hear if you’ve found one I should be reading!


17 thoughts on “Crafty Magazine Issue 3

  1. Hi Claire
    Totally agree about the tepee my boys (cats) would love it, maybe we could make a smaller version 😉

  2. I totally agree with being a bit fed up with crafting magazines at the moment, I am trying to find a really good papercrafting one thats not all samey and Im having real trouble

  3. Great bike – some ideas for you to work on surely? I tend to find tbat all magazines get a bit samey after a while and have to say that I am having a bit of a magazine break at the moment. Xxx

  4. OMG that teepee is amazing! However, I want to make one for me! Which would then be stolen by the cat…making anything for myself basically means making it for the cat because as soon as it exists she claims it as her own!

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