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Today I’m handing the blogging reins over to my lovely sister Emma. You can meet her in my Fabric Noticeboard Crafternoon post. She’s super creative and has two little monsters (sorry, kids) so loves to make for them and get them involved in creative time. Seeing as I know very little about crafts for kids, we thought it would be great for her to share her latest make on the blog. Enjoy! Fabric Noticeboard5 Fabric Noticeboard6

Hi all! As Claire has mentioned a few times, she comes from a family of people who love to craft and I am no exception! My main love is card making but I’ve recently stepped away from that and am trying to fill my house with beautiful things I have made. Claire and I recently made the Fabric Noticeboards above which I now proudly display above my desk.

I am lucky enough to have two beautiful children and my daughter (who is 8 years old) shares my passion for crafting and card making. We regularly cover the table with craft materials and stick, sew, fold, decorate, anything really! I felt it was time the children had something personal, made by me so I decided on decorating mache letters representing the first letters of their names.

These days between working and keeping the kids happy I don’t have the time or patience to make things that take long to complete so these letters are the perfect craft for those of you like me!

You can get the mache (or Paper Mache) letters in most craft shops and they can be decorated using many techniques. I chose to paint my letters first just using basic kids ready-mix paint.

Blank Mache Letters

I left the paint over-night to dry but if you’re in a hurry you could maybe try colouring your letters with pro-markers or similar, I may try that technique next time to see what results I get!

Painted Mache Letters

Next was time for glitter, a big favourite of mine! I used basic PVA glue and spooned on extra-fine glitter. I felt my son would not appreciate the sparkles so decided to leave his painted.

After that it’s just time for embellishment. You could use absolutely anything that you think would relate to the person it is for. My daughter loves butterflys and beads so I used a butterfly punch and some fancy paper and attached butterflys with PVA glue. I made a couple of paper roses (you can buy these but I find making them very theraputic!) and arranged colourful beads in simple flower patterns.

Decorated Mache Letters A

My son (surprisingly!) asked to help embellish his. He looked through my card-making stash and decided to use Washi tape, something I know Claire loves. Some crazy frog stick-ons were next, although I also used PVA glue make them extra secure. He wanted a little sparkle, more for the making mess than anything and the buttons just because he liked them!

Decorated Mache Letters N

I loved making these and am considering making some for gifts. They are simple yet effective and take pride-of-place in the play area in my house.

Thank you Claire for letting me share my simple DIY with you all today. I’ll have to see what else I can rustle up so I can appear on here again!

Thanks Em, what a super DIY and definitely one to get the kids find their creative sides!

I’m looking forward to a day of fun with Em and the monsters at the end of the month. So pleased to hear my Nephew is starting his washi tape and button addictions so young!


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