Ice Cream Party

On Saturday, G celebrated his birthday. When I asked him what he wanted to do, he said he wanted to go to an Ice Cream Bar. Surprisingly, it is one of the food things Cambridge lacks – there are so many different places to visit, but all I could think of was the crappy Pizza Hut ice cream bar.

So, I thought, why not make our own and throw an Ice Cream Party at home?! The planning commenced……

Presents were purchased (loving that robot wrapping paper) and cones were sourced.

Ice Cream Party Presents

I decorated with our Happy Birthday banner which comes out every year and of course a DIY pom pom garland!

Pom Pom Garland

We had cloudy lemonade in jam jars and I made a label for G’s as he always teases me about being closer to 30 than he is. It wasn’t appreciated and I can’t think why….

Jam Jar Lemonade

After a quick Twitter poll, I had a MAHOOSIVE list of toppings from my awesome followers. Let me tell you, choosing toppings for an ice cream bar is a lot of fun. We had:

Cinnamon Fudge (I used this recipe at half quantity and adapted a little)
Chocolate Curls
Chocolate covered toffee
White chocolate cookie crumble
Vanilla fudge pieces
Mini marshmallows
Chocolate cereal balls
Hundreds and Thousands
Chocolate Sauce
Maple Syrup

Ice Cream Bar Toppings

I made lollipop signs using free printables and paper straws. G said it would be great to have real Mr Whippy ice cream but renting a machine for the day was extortionate.

Then I found this eBay sellerΒ for packet mixes to make your own Mr Whippy at home! At around Β£2 per packet making 14 cones it was a great solution. You mix whole milk and double cream with the packet and freeze in ice cube trays (mega fatty!). Then take the frozen cubes and blend until Mr Whippy consistency.

Mr Whippy Ice Cream Cones

I would definitely recommend this mix! SO good and they have a huge variety of flavours.

Ice Cream Party Toppings

I laid G’s presents and cards on the table too and decorated it with a table cloth and cute cups from Party Parade.

Ice Cream Party Table

In the cups I went for cinnamon fudge pieces and maple syrup, while G went for every topping! He had been on a healthy diet and the Asylum workout for 30 days prior so really deserved a treat.

Ice Cream Party Tubs and Toppings

We had a great afternoon and still have ice cream leftovers in the freezer for when we need a treat on a warm day (haha we live in the UK, I doubt it will happen soon).

By the way, G hates having his picture taken, so I have one photo of him opening his presents which will stay in my albums πŸ™‚

Now I just need some ideas for how to celebrate my 30th later this year. I’m definitely escaping for a quiet spa weekend, but I need more ideas!


26 thoughts on “Ice Cream Party

  1. I’m glad the Mr Whippy was a success, I’m going to buy some now! Spa sounds hood for your 30th! X

  2. Ooh my goodness this looks amazing! I love ice cream! Sadly, being a December baby, I don’t think an ice cream party would work πŸ™ I may to try that ice cream mix for myself though!

  3. Morning Claire, sounds a fab time you both had! Funny enough, my two (yes they are twins!) are 30 at the end of this month (although still not quite sure how that’s happened…..) and I am taking us all up to Edinburgh for a long weekend…. My first choice would have been Guernsey but my son was worried about flying with their 5mth old baby, so we decided on Edinburgh. The fact it has not 1 but 3 bead shops apparently has nothing to do with it……..!

  4. This looks brilliant- the decoration and table setting is perfect! My only questions are of course food related; how many ice-cube trays of stuff does the packet make? And does it kind of “expand” again when you blend the frozen cubes together? It just doesn’t seem like it could make very much icecream if you have to freeze it all in cubes…? xxx

    1. LOADS of ice cube trays! I had to buy more, but I would recommend silicone ones for getting the ice cream out more easily. I think we had 6 or so trays worth – equivalent to 14 cones of ice cream. When blended, it kind of looks icy at first, but if you keep going it turns into soft ice cream – MAGIC! xx

  5. What a lovely birthday treat, so sweet, G is very lucky πŸ™‚ I’ve had ice-cream on my mind recently – just wishing it would warm up so I can enjoy some in the garden. I’ve never heard of that whippy mix…will investigate further. Have a lovely week. Em xx

  6. Oh my gosh, I love ice cream! Such a lovely party. I giggled when I saw the ‘Gavin is old’ stickers. Gotta have a sense of humor! πŸ™‚

  7. Awww what a absolutely fab birthday idea_ an mr whippys at home?! SOLD. Looks like an amazing day. Hmmm birthday ideas? Ill have to have a think on that one… But you should definitely have another themed birthday for sure! Looks sooooo good

  8. Yum! We had (it broke but we have to replace it…) a wee icecream maker from Lakeland. It made DIVINE icecream. My fave is a banana split with all the toppings … delicious. Looks like a fun afternoon!

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