Crafty Creatives Boxes 9 and 10

It’s been a while since I blogged about a Crafty Creatives subscription box, so here’s a little update for you on the treats and makes!

Box 9 was a Steampunk theme and I really struggled to make anything, so most of the supplies went into my stash to be used at a later date. Check out this blog for some really cool makes from it!

Box 10 had a blue theme which I swooned over as soon as I opened it. My craft space has blue tones, so I got making right away!

Crafty Creatives Box 10 Paints Glitter

Included were 3 x full size acrylic paints, glitters, a mini canvas and felt balls…….

Crafty Creatives Box 10 Jumping Clay

Jumping Clay which I’ve never used before, but would definitely make something again with it. A light air drying clay, which bounces like a ball when you drop it! Really fun.

I made some buttons using a mould and a keyring, which Tammy wanted to help with.

Crafty Creatives Box 10 Cat Helper

I’m working on the kit at the moment which consisted of felt and accessories to make a bird mobile.

Crafty Creatives Box 10 Bird Mobile Kit

The felt balls were strung onto some of the embroidery thread to make a mini garland on my bookshelf. I might store them there temporarily while I dream up jewellery ideas for them.

Crafty Creatives Box 10 Pom Pom Felt Garland Crafty Creatives Box 10 Felt Pom Pom Garland

This pretty fabric will be used towards a gardeners apron – I wonder if I can incorporate the pretty beads somehow?

Crafty Creatives Box 10 Fabric and Beads

Lastly the art card was from illustrator Catherine Moody so simple, pretty and stark all at the same time.

Crafty Creatives Box 10 Art Card

Have you made anything from a Crafty Creatives box? Please share in the comments below!


5 thoughts on “Crafty Creatives Boxes 9 and 10

  1. The fabric is beautiful…do you know who makes it? I love those little blue birds too…you’ve got some tough choices to make about what you want to make with them as I expect there’s a lot! Kx

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