My Migraine Month – April

Not my usual crafty post today I’m afraid folks.

The last month has been utterly rubbish. Being a chronic migraine sufferer, I rarely have a day without intense pain or mental and physical exhaustion and as much as I enjoy the arrival of Spring, the sun is not welcome for my poor head. Each day is a massive struggle just to get up and out of bed and I wait to see if the horrid feeling will turn into an attack.

My migraines last from 3-6 days with the interim days filled with exhaustion. I usually have 2-3 days a month (if I am lucky) where I feel ‘normal’. Brave face comes into play a lot.

G has been marvellous, bringing me chocolate when I need it (some migraineurs find they crave it during an attack) and sending me to bed when I look like I need to rest. He even sits in the dark eating his meals with me, speaking in his quiet voice because I can’t bear the light or sound. On Wednesday I sat in my house with sunglasses on, not trying to be like a celeb of course, but trying to find some way to function without having to slap an eye mask on and lay down.

This week he sent me this video which made me giggle but also made me feel like Gizmo.

Right now I still trying to work full-time, run my Etsy store and keep up with the blog (thank goodness for scheduling), friends and family. In my office, I sit with the blinds shut and lights off attempting to get through a whole day at the computer. My employers are fantastic and have made many changes to my working environment, but I can’t help but feel a lengthy period away from work will help to break the cycle. Medication is frustrating as I have to try anything for a 3 month period to test it’s effectiveness.

I’m lucky to have a great group of fellow migraine sufferers online who offer me a great deal of support. Daisy in particular, has recently started a blog of her migraine experiences which echo mine in many ways. If you want to understand a little of what she and I go through each month, please take time to read it here.

The biggest thing I’ve learnt over the last year, is that every migraine sufferer is different, and what works for one person, may not work for you.

I haven’t written this post for sympathy, but to share with you all that despite what some bloggers portray, life isn’t perfect all the time! I wrote this post to share my experience and some resources that have helped me in my migraine journey. I have found great comfort in knowing there are other people who understand and experience the same things as me. The links are below for those of you who may suffer or wish to find out more.

Here’s to a healthy May. I’ll try not be miserable I promise!


National Migraine Centre – My specialist clinic. Highly recommended for migraine and headache sufferers.

The Migraine Trust – The health and medical research charity for migraine in the United Kingdom. Great for advocacy and advice.

Migraine Monologues – Victoria writes a fantastic blog with huge support for sufferers, including the MM Book Club.

That M Word – Emily writes a fabulous migraine blog with humour.

Skulls and Ponies – Fran is a fellow sufferer who has given me a lot of support. She blogs about craft and her experiences with migraine and depression.

Migraine Memoirs – As mentioned above, Daisy’s new blog is a way for her to share her migraine experience with family, friends and colleagues to enable them to understand her condition.

Students Discover Migraine Gene – The latest research about genetic links to migraine. Sadly my Mum and all my cousins on her side suffer.

18 thoughts on “My Migraine Month – April

  1. Oh Claire I really feel for you, particularly as I’ve had migraines myself so know how horrendous they can be. Thankfully for me I’ve never had them chronically, but I can imagine how awful that must be and how hard to live with. I honestly don’t know how you achieve so much, it would be impressive even without the migraines! I’m happy to hear you have a supportive partner.

    I’ve had a cold since the baby was born and have had debilitating sinus headaches – not as bad as migraines but horrid nonetheless & it gives me a little insight into what it must be like having an ongoing problem as it’s so relentless. I feel so fortunate that it appears to be clearing up and that I can actually enjoy the sunshine!

    I also feel for my baby as he has the cold too and must not understand why he feels so wretched sometimes, poor thing!

    Anyway, I hope you get some respite. I think you’re amazing!

    1. So sorry to hear you have been poorly since little one has arrived. That must be so hard to deal with whilst looking after a newborn, and a poorly one at that! I hope you both feel well soon – we must meet for a cuppa when we both feel brighter. xx

  2. I hope the docs can find something that works for you soon 🙂 I know when I’ve had migraine i’ve not been able to look at computer screen; is it like this for you too? Hope you didn’t put yourself out to write this post!!!! xxxx

    1. Yes, screens are not great! I have a special filter at work which enables me to look at a screen for the whole day (with breaks of course). Otherwise I don’t think I could do my job! My laptop time to write blog posts at home is broken up into chunks so I don’t trigger an attack. Luckily I’m alright with the TV screen 🙂

      1. Oh that is lucky! I know I struggled to look at my phone too with my last one. Their not nice and I really hope something can be done to prevent them or help them go away quickly!

  3. April seems to have been a rough month for many migrainuers, I know its been a rough one for me too. Fingers crossed its gets better. I agree a long period off work might help you while you find the right treatments for you. I started my regime this week felt too bad to share but I will be in touch soon, Big hugs to you xx

  4. Claire I cried reading your post. Cried for you, and for me (I have a similar frequency/intensity of migraine and am a single working mother to a 7 year old), and for the rest of us who keep pushing through because we have to and because if we didn’t our life would be lost to migraine. I hope we all have a much better May! Hope this finds you having a good day, Penny

    1. Penny, I am so sorry you are suffering too. Big big hugs! When I have an attack I often think of mothers with chronic migraine and wonder how they would cope. I hope you have some healthier days soon. Thank you for reading, I really appreciate it x

  5. That’s absolutely true – a bloggers life isn’t perfect!

    I really hope you find a way to feel (almost!) normal again. *Big hugs* you are doing fantastic sweetie, I hope you know that! It’s not easy to balance work and an Etsy shop, and then when you add in blogging and having a health issue… well it’s almost impossible! I’m so proud of you!!

    Sophie x xx

  6. It’s really rubbish that you feel like this all the time, and that’s an understatement. I find juggling work, a blog, a shop, and various social commitments pretty stressful at times, so I have no idea how you keep all the plates spinning while in constant pain. As a very occasional migraine sufferer I can’t imagine having to put up with it being a constant companion in life, but I do think of you often and hope you can find some relief before too long. In the meantime, a supportive network of family and friends – offline and online – is here cheering you on. I think you should embrace the sunglasses look at all times, as it will make you look like the mysterious celebrity crafter of Cambridge, and may even help you get away with more yarn bombing 😉 Hugs and cheery thoughts being sent your way. xx PS: If you need chocolate I can wholly recommend the new Oreo Cadbury Dairy Milk! x

    1. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment Anna. I am sorry to hear you have suffered with migraine, even if only occasionally. I LOVE the Oreo Dairy Milk, it’s genius and I could eat an entire bar in one sitting!

      Thanks for your support x

  7. I hear you. Migraine is the pits, especially when people don’t understand and think you’re being pathetic with a little headache. Thanks for the links, I’ve only just started reading and I’ve had 2 lightbulb moments already xx

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