Instalife: Bring on Spring

I haven’t posted an Instalife update for a while, so I thought with the change of season it was about time. Here’s a little bit of what I’ve managed to get up to during a month of horrendous migraines!

Cambridge Yarn Bomb

Quentin Blake Exhibition at The Fitzwiliam Museum / The latest Cambridge Yarn Bomb

My DIY Pom Pom Bike Basket / Taking a train journey & loving the ticket stamp

Work Life in Cambridge

My City commute with the cows! / Anthony Gormley’s Feet (and mine)

Being frugal with the stationery at work & tidying the office

Remembering Nan

Sorting Nan’s things & finding her sewing machine / My new Janome – named Romy

A travel sewing tin of Nan’s (She was named Poppy) / Her garden in the sun

Claireabellemakes Jewellery

Making up some new pendants /organising my ring display for a stall

Setting up for a vintage fair / new galaxy print studs (more coming!)

Claireabellemakes Instalife

A kind gift from a friend in the mail / Tammy sleeping against G’s arm (silly thing!)

Daffs always bring me a smile / My faves from the Vivid Please gang

A month of mixed emotions and tricky times, but at least I managed some craft and to keep blogging, which keeps me going for sure. I hope you enjoyed my month of giveaways on the blog! May will be fun as I have lots of crafty meet ups planned and it is G’s birthday. He has requested an ice cream bar at home, so I am busy planning that!

You can follow me on Instagram here, but be warned – my feed is mainly cats and craft! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Instalife: Bring on Spring

  1. Sorry you’ve been having another migraine-y month, as well as everything else going on, but you’ve hit the nail on the head when you said at least you’ve kept blogging and crafting. It’s when those things start to slip for me that I feel like I’m not coping with life at all! Bea sends tail wags. x

  2. Glad to see you’ve had some good ups to balance the downs. Here’s to May!
    PS thanks for reminding me I need to do my instagram round up and use my voucher before it runs out tonight!
    Alex x

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