Craft Stall at Cam Off The Rails

Here’s a cheeky weekend post for you all! Today I had the pleasure of joining some lovely ladies in the second Off The Rails vintage fair in Cambridge.

I thought I’d share some photos of my stall and the goodies on offer!

Claireabellemakes Stall

My banner had its first outing (although misbehaved for this photo and creased for a moment!).

Claireabellemakes Stall

The fabric noticeboard I made with my sister was a great display board for the vintage style necklaces. I will be selling more of these on Instagram and Twitter soon!

Claireabellemakes Stall

Sophie at Retrovert

People had such fun trying on all the vintage clothes. Here is Sophie from Retrovert modelling a fabulous yellow horse print skirt.

Retrovert Stall

Retrovert Stall

I had to resist the urge to spend my takings on tea cups and beautiful felt hats.

Cam Off The Rails 3

Remember these?!!!

Cam Off The Rails 1

Cam Off The Rails 2

A great day overall, fun but not that profitable. Each stall I do teaches me something new and it’s great to try different markets and see how vintage customers take to my stock.

Don’t forget to check back here on Monday for the next of my giveaways this month!


13 thoughts on “Craft Stall at Cam Off The Rails

  1. Your stall looked great and your stuff is wonderful! Also love the fisher price phone we all had one of those as kids! xx

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