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It’s no secret I’m a big post fan. In my previous posts about post(!) I discovered I’m not alone and that many others find joy in receiving something through the letterbox. Whilst having a declutter recently, I found years and years of letters from various penpals – it was great and sometimes funny to read back over them.

Anyway, I have sent and received some fabulous things in the post lately, so I thought I’d share them with you.

A lovely cross stitch card from Hannah of Spans Studio and some great Canadian stamps on a letter from my penpal which included cute pics of her new baby 🙂

Canadian Stamps

I made no secret of my love for Canadian Brand David’s Tea in this post, but discovered they don’t deliver to the UK, boooo!

Then, Marina, a lovely lovely blog reader emailed me to say how much she enjoyed following my musings (how nice is that?!) and we got chatting about tea. We agreed to do a tea swap as she could get the famous Birthday Cake tea delivered to the US. It has sprinkles in the tea and tastes of ice cream. AH-MAZING.

Naturally the swap also involved sweets so I found some union jack boiled sweets and Marina kindly sent some Easter treats too. Best of all, were the cute illustrations she included – check out her Etsy store Retro and Rubys, it is so cute.

Retro and Rubys

I’m also one of around 140 people that have joined Anna’s #PostCircle. In short, we are placed with a group of other post loving geeks to send and receive letters and small gifts if you want to.

I am making use of my wooden stamp set for decorating my Post Circle envelopes.

I got this lovely tea themed coaster from Knitnrun4sanity (who cross posted from another group!) and these lovely bunny clips from a blog giveaway (mentioned below).


My first person to post to said they liked ginger animals, so I made another needle felted cat and send it with a handmade tea themed card and a knitting pattern.

Needle Felting

This month I was also lucky enough to win a giveaway on Katie’s blog Hook, Line & Sink Her. Katie writes the wittiest blog I’ve ever read and is fond of posting Johnny Depp pictures and crafty pursuits. What more could a girl want!

The giveaway prize included lots of cool treats like the bunny clips above, fun tapes, a bird pin and this awesome hand decorated mug from Katie’s Etsy store. It was blimmin’ awesome.

A very kind Twitter friend also sent me some crafty bits as she was destashing to move house. This lovely vintage cross stitch book was included. I’m looking forward to exploring the designs.

Hand Drawn Mug

There were even more lovely sympathy cards and treats sent to me this week. I never tire of the endless support and kindness that the craft community provides. It’s been a tough time lately and I’ve felt pretty low, but these thoughtful gestures and all your lovely comments have kept me going.

Thanks for following and keeping me cheerful.

Make sure you keep checking back to the blog over the next few weeks as there will be 3 giveaways throughout April! In one of them EVERYONE wins by getting post!!


24 thoughts on “Through The Letterbox

  1. Some gorgeous treats there – lucky you! I would love to do something like this. I might have to shake up the book blogging community! haha

  2. I love getting post. My dearest friend lives quite a distance from me and as doesn’t always give you a spare hour in the day to catch up on gossip we used to write to each other instead. There is something nostalgic about writing. I find myself reading in my head in a voice from the 1940’s (I wonder if it comes through in the writing?). Even going to buy stamps and putting it in the post box gives me a warm feeling. Can you imagine what i’m like when I receive something?!

    Thank you for this post. X

  3. wow.. You have had a busy month for post! Thankyou for mentioning me. I am glad the creative community have rallyed to support you as you are such a great support to everyone else. Big hugs to you xx

  4. You are good – I was a useless penpal as a teenager. I do like sending and receiving parcels now though; looks as if you’ve had some really lovely ones!I did a chocolate and fabric swap a couple of years back with a friend who had relocated to the US. Yum!

  5. What an amazing few weeks you have had!! It just goes to show that people do care for each other. Thanks for the mention and I really hope that the next few weeks get easier for you. Take care. xx

  6. Oh, gosh, so many wonderful things. Good old snail mail is the best sometimes. I used to have lots of pen pals too. It’s fun to look back over the letters.

    P.S. That Birthday Cake Tea sounds aaaaahhhhmazing!

  7. What a fab blog post – so much nice stuff in it. Although I assume you mean you were re-reading letters ‘from’ rather than ‘to’ penpals – otherwise if you’ve still got them something went wrong 😉 x

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